ZACH Theater will offer a new monthly subscription


The ZACH Theater, the first professional theater in central Texas, is paving the way for a new monthly membership program for purchasing tickets with membership in the ZACH experience known as ZACH XP, a model of Innovative theater with unlimited access that includes unlimited shows and events. ZACH XP debuts this month for $ 39 per month per person; details are available at

“We’re thrilled to be one of the first theaters in the country to roll out this and Austin is the perfect city for it,” said Drew Nebrig, ZACH Director of Marketing and Communications. “It makes sense to our audience. One of ZACH’s core values ​​is to be a theater of, by and for Austin and now we can share the magic of live theater with as many people as possible, when they need it. wish.”

Inspired by the worldwide success of Netflix and other content subscription services, ZACH XP offers members the ability to reserve a ticket anytime, until showtime, as well as free parking and tickets. exclusive discounts. It will replace ZACH’s existing subscriber plan, with current subscribers having the option of upgrading to the new membership program or retaining vested interests in their current subscription. “Traditional theater subscriptions can be confusing, rigid and prohibitive,” Nebrig said. “We want to meet people where they are and break down those barriers.”

Driven by national data and a user research study that shows a demand for greater flexibility and less upfront costs, the new ZACH XP membership program offers simplicity, early access and good seating without forcing members to plan. a whole year of tickets in advance. This is the culmination of several years of transition to more flexible subscription plans. “ZACH wants to invest in the younger generations as art lovers,” she said. “We don’t want processes to get in their way.”

ZACH XP members will have access to all programming in the Mainstage and Family series, including Into the Woods, from September 27 to November 7; A Christmas carol, from November 17 to January 2; Le chat au chapeau, from January 25 to March 27; The elaborate entry of the Chadian divinity, from February 16 to March 6; Someone loves you, Mr. Hatch, from March 29 to May 13; Réunion 85, from April 13 to May 8; and The Sound of Music, from June 15 to July 24. Visit to learn more.

In addition to free parking and bar discounts, members of the new unique program will also be able to purchase tickets for friends and family with a 10% discount. Family memberships will be available for those who wish to manage theater experiences for their family.

ZACH XP memberships will be $ 39 per person and the membership will automatically renew each month until canceled. Members will be able to cancel anytime after the first 90 days of purchase without fees or penalties. Membership tickets are not transferable. For more information on memberships, please visit

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