World Music Day 2022: From Rocketman to Walk the Line, 7 best musical biopics to watch while waiting for Elvis on June 24

It’s a great week for music fans because not only Baz Luhrmann Elvis comes out this Friday, but it’s also World Music Day. The day when everything related to music is celebrated, World Music Day has become an event that every music lover looks forward to. From free concerts all day to just playing songs for fun, it’s a day filled with tunes and fun. Elvis: Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date – Everything you need to know about Austin Butler and Tom Hanks’ biographical musical film!

With Elvis releasing this week, we get another musical biopic based on a rock n’ roll legend. Elvis Presley was one of those personalities who could piss off a crowd just by raising a finger. Austin Butler seems to have captured Presley’s personality and moves down to a T from the film’s very impressive promotions. So while waiting Elvis to come out and with World Music Day, let’s take a look at some other music biopics you can watch to celebrate this festival.

born to be blue

Ethan Hawke plays the king of cool, Chet Baker in Born to be blue. The film, which revolves around Baker’s life, sees Hawke give a career-defining performance as he beautifully portrays the late trumpeter. In a movie that can sometimes break your heart, it’s a one-of-a-kind watch that delves deep into a man’s psyche.

8 miles

While an argument will be made that 8 miles is purely a work of fiction, it is not. Yes, some of the story elements are very fictional, they are still very loosely based on the life of Eminem, who plays the lead role of Jimmy Smith in the film. Directed by Curtis Hanson, we see Jimmy trying to launch a successful hip hop career. A story that’s filled with all the ups and downs of trying to make it huge in rap, it also gave us one of the best Eminem songs of all time in “You lose”.


When talking about the late 70s and 80s, Joy Division is a topic that is sure to come up. The band have been so influential in bringing a new wave of synth-inspired rock. So it was great to see Control delve into the story of Ian Curtis and build a conversation around this great group. Sam Riley gives a wonderful performance as Curtis as the film revolves around his life and the issues his epilepsy had about it.


With an Oscar-winning performance by Jamie Foxx, Ray is a biographical drama that focuses on one of the greats of the rhythm and blues genre, Ray Charles. Playing the role of the blind musician, Foxx takes us on a journey as he loses himself in the role. Being so in the role, the film is elevated by his performance as he gives us a deep insight into this legend and how he changed the game to music. Jamie Foxx’s birthday special: from Baby Driver to Django Unchained, 5 of the Oscar-winning actor’s best films according to IMDb!

Straight outta Compton

NWA’s history is very notorious, and watering down that history is basically a disservice to everyone it was based on. So director F Gary Gray really impressed Straight outta Compton as the film didn’t pack any punches and presented NWA’s history in the most authentic way. Directed by O’Shea Jackson Jr and Corey Hawkins playing the roles of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, the film does a great job of portraying the stories of these living legends. It also helps that the current band was also involved in its production.


Dexter Fletcher Rocketman is by far one of the best biopics of the last decade. There is no comparison for that. Never has a film for so long succeeded so well in the story of an artist. Taron Edgerton dives deep into the role of Elton John to the point that he is completely unrecognizable. Edgerton even goes a step further and provides his own voice to Elton John’s songs, to the point that you can’t even tell the two voices apart because they sound so similar. Rocketman Movie Review: Taron Egerton With Elton John’s Flashy Pizzazz Makes This Biopic Ultra Extravagant!

walk the line

Johnny Cash is one of the most prolific and arguably the best country singer we’ve ever seen. The charisma and depth of this legend’s music was second to none, and you could see how larger than life he was about everything. So when James Mangold decided to cast Joaquin Phoenix as Cash, you knew you were in for an experience like no other. walk the line is hands down one of the best biopics about a musical personality you’ll ever see as Phoenix knocks it out of the park and Reese Witherspoon gives the best performance of her career as June Carter, Cash’s second wife.

With Elvis releasing this week, we really hope Baz Luhrmann has delivered an epic that might join the likes of the film featured in this list. Elvis released in theaters on June 24, 2022.

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