Windows of historic Barcelona concert hall ‘stoned’ in protest at rapper’s arrest

February 22, 2021, 12:13 | Updated: February 22, 2021, 12:53 PM

Barcelona’s historic concert hall ‘stoned’ by anti-establishment groups.

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The Palau de la Música Catalana was pelted with stones and other objects, which destroyed several historic stained glass windows in the building.

A concert hall in Barcelona was vandalized on Saturday night, after protesters threw rocks at the century-old building.

Several stained glass windows in the Palau de la Música Catalana have been ‘destroyed’ according to the Spanish classical music magazine Scherzo.

Earlier in the evening, the Spanish violinist Lina Tur Bonet and the baroque ensemble Vespres d’Arnadí gave a concert by Vivaldi Four Seasons at the historic site.

While most attendees left before the attack, nearly 300 visitors had to take shelter inside the concert hall until the rioters dispersed.

Protesters have taken to the streets of Barcelona for five consecutive nights following the arrest last Tuesday of Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél, who was jailed for insulting Spanish royalty and praising terrorist violence in the lyrics of his songs , and on Twitter.

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The Palau de la Música Catalana denounced and condemned the attacks in a recent Press release.

“The material damage has not yet been assessed, but there are numerous broken glass and historic stained glass windows,” explained a spokesperson.

Last night footage was shared showing protesters gathering around the building, to avoid further damage.

Translated into English, the caption reads: “Right now. Some protesters have gathered around the Palau de la Música Catalana, to avoid repeating the damage it suffered last night.

The attack on the historic concert hall has sparked sadness among Spanish residents online, with one user describing Palau as a “cultural symbol of the Catalan nation”.

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