Where the Beto O’Rourke campaign eats in Texas

It’s election week 2022. This article is part of a two-part series on what Texas gubernatorial candidates ate on the campaign trail. To find out which restaurants Governor Greg Abbott has been spending money at, read our companion article.

We know gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke likes to stand up on tables and make impassioned speeches. But do we know what he likes to eat in the countryside? Campaign spending available on TransparencyUSA.org, while not 100% complete, gives us a more detailed look.

Takeaways from Beto O’Rourke’s campaign food spending

Beto for Texas PAC’s campaign spending list features an interesting mix of food, mostly independent restaurants, with a few national chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s. ) and its salads at Sweetgreen ($460.82). Campaign staff were properly caffeinated through Starbucks ($1,236.31), as well as smaller spots like Trinity Street Coffee in Decatur ($102.61) and Revival Coffee in Austin ($473.80).

Perhaps most interestingly, many of Houston’s well-known and beloved restaurants pop up here. The campaign found one of the best burgers in town at Lankford’s Grocery & Market, and the best pizza at the modest Pinks and the more upscale Tiny Champions. They took advantage of Houston’s big Asian food scene, from sushi at Shun Japanese Kitchen to Vietnamese banh mi at Thien An Sandwiches, to Songkran Thai Kitchen. The O’Rourke folks also made sure to get some Tex-Mex at El Tiempo and try the hip Heights hotspot Better Luck Tomorrow.

Scroll down for a full list of food campaign expenses.

How Beto O’Rourke differs from Governor Greg Abbott

There’s not much overlap between the two campaigns, though they both frequented Juan In A Million, Austin’s Tex-Mex restaurant, and Delia’s Tamales, the beloved boutique with multiple locations in the city. Rio Grande Valley, as well as other Mexican restaurants as they compete. to capture the Latino vote. The two visited HEB and Buc-ee, of course, although O’Rourke only spent $1,204 at HEB while Abbott racked up a bill of $19,843.40.

Governor Abbott’s campaign heavily patronized steakhouses and barbecues across Texas. O’Rourke’s has often opted for trendy restaurants that are very fashionable – Better Luck Tomorrow and Tiny Champions in Houston stand out. And there’s a clear winner for which campaign is the biggest fan of Chick-fil-A: O’Rourke’s campaign spent $174.06 on it compared to Abbott’s $5,166.03.

Although it is not possible to determine who spent the most on food due to incomplete data, Governor Abbott appears to have the highest bills. O’Rourke’s most expensive food bill listed on Transparency USA is $4,910.44 at Central Market, while Governor Abbott’s is $19,843.40 at HEB.

Where the Beto O’Rourke campaign eats

$34.65Andréa’s Café
$38.10 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Beers
$39.62 The king of smoothies
$51.72 Tacodeli
$53.37 Pot Belly
$54.25El Herradero de Jalisco
$57.60 Tacos Kissi Restaurant
$68.62 Halcyon Coffee
$101.88 Judy’s bread and breakfast
$102.61 Trinity Street Cafe
$102.67 The Olive Branch
$106.13 Pink Pizza
$106.19 Nua Thai
$106.77 Shabu squared
$107.00 Tres Amigos
$108.11 Sonic Drive-In
$108.16 Gloria’s Latin cuisine
$108.43 Asian Mint
$108.46 Willie’s Grill & Cooler
$108.76 Toukei Izakaya
$111.97 Natty Flat Smoker
$112.92 Rosario’s Mexican Coffee
$113.79 Hill Cafe
$114.09 The Thai cuisine of the nine
$114.18 Pecan Point Gastro Pub and Brewery
$114.58 Mi Piaci Italian Restaurant
$115.64 Bangkok Cuisine
$116.03 Dairy Queen
$116.10 Leal’s Mexican Coffee
$117.48El Corral Lozano
$118.06Fire Creek Bar & Grill
$118.55 Modern Chinese Dan
$120.55 Pepperoni Pizza
$122.57Aka Sushi House
$124.73 Songkran Thai Food
$129.95 Rohmer’s Restaurant
$131.15 Fresh Thai
$141.24Reata Restaurant
$143.89 Piano bar and Grill
$144.83 Pluckers Fender Bar
$146.20 Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine
$148.77 Yardbird table and bar
$150.40 Box of rice
$151.92 Maggiano’s Little Italy
$153.26 Mendocino Farms
$155.12 Restaurant Harold
$159.76 Local Food
$162.05 Luigi’s Italian Restaurant
$169.40 Pizza Sauce & Wine
$171.87 Tropical Smoothie Coffee
$174.06 Chick-fil-A
$175.46Texas Roadhouse
$176.75 Shun Japanese cuisine
$177.76 Northern Italy
$180.67 Papa Johns
$180.78 Lankford Grocery and Market
$181.19 Modern market restaurant
$190.70 Colleen’s Kitchen
$192.29Panera Bread
$193.20 Salt Water Grill
$195.09 Better luck tomorrow
$195.51 54th Street Restaurant
$196.89 Salty Grass Steakhouse
$198.14 Evett’s Bar-B-Que
$200.81 Door Dashboard
$202.93 Juan in a Million
$206.15 Lua Viet Kitchen
$208.82 Coffee Patch Cotton
$209.00 Japanese Sushi Yasuke
$211.66 Tony’s Restaurant
$218.67Russo’s Restaurant
$224.02 Water Street Oyster Bar
$228.36 Palenque Bar & Grill
$241.44 Subway
$244.44 El Tapatio
$245.50 BJ’s Restaurant
$254.25 Delia
$256.93 Tabu Bistro Lounge
$259.14 Ka Thai
$259.76 Weights + Measures
$264.10 Calacas Tacos & Beer
$267.14 The chic picnic
$268.30 Serious Pizza
Pecan Point Gastro Pub and Brewery
$276.68 Rodeo goat
$289.90Kuan Kay Thai Coffee
$293.77 Mod Pizza
$302.66Taco Palenque
$316.33 Torchy Tacos
$327.73 Picnic lunch boxes
$331.51 Launch Pizzeria & Pub
$341.63 The Patio Drafthouse
$345.72 Mi Tierra Cafe and Panaderia
$359.05 Guadalajara Bar and Grill
$360.00 Mi Sierra Jalisco
$394.13 Restaurant Rathskeller
$394.53 Pizzeria Luigis
$416.54 Jason’s Deli
$417.20 Papasito’s Canteen
$418.58 Thien An Sandwiches
$473.80 Wake-up coffee
$500.00 Jake’s Sports Cafe
$517.38 Homemade sliced ​​pizza
$519.72 Italian bistro
$529.09 Aguilar Meat Market
$571.29 El Tiempo Catering
$572.63 Cobbleheads Bar & Grill
$572.92 Toller Terrace
$585.68 Pizza Hut
$612.00 The place
$633.26 Swedish Hill Bakery
$721.03Little Champions
$880.27 Chipotle
$1,035.31 Delicious pizza
$1,058.00Taquitos Locos
$1,133.00 Rowdy’s Smoky BBQ
$1,222.90 Mr. Sugar Rush
$1,289.58 McAlister’s Deli
$1,502.43 Domino’s Pizza
$1,576.00 Northern Taste of Light
$1,582.29 Authentic cuisine
$1,600.09 Deli in brown bag
$1,896.28 Jaxon Beer Garden
$3,450.00 1913 from Lucille
$4,605.00 Koko’s Cafe Uptown
$4,910.44 Central Market

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