Urgent appeal to business owners and evening and night shift workers by Bradford BID

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Business owners and people working in Bradford’s evening and night economy are urged to contribute to efforts to make it more vibrant and diverse.

Bradford Business Improvement District (BID) wants people who work in the city center after 5pm – in any sector – to pitch their ideas for improving it as part of a major project to develop and expand the offer for all who use it and live in it.

The IDB – the non-profit limited company funded by more than 600 companies and organizations subject to the promotion and development of the city center – has launched an online survey to collect the advice and opinions of all companies and their employees. .

It follows an extensive survey of customer perceptions that elicited over 500 responses.

Elizabeth Murphy, BID Night and Nighttime Economy (ENTE) Coordinator, said: “Bradford city center is already a vibrant and diverse area that attracts a large number of residents, students, tourists, visitors, companies and their teams.

“But we know things can be better and it’s part of our mission to do everything we can to make it that way.

“We need to make sure we understand the best way to do this and the best people to help us understand that are the businesses that work in this sector – pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, leisure attractions, tourist spots, hotels and other accommodation providers, as well as shops and service businesses that are open late – and the people who work there.

“Their responses to this survey will give us a real idea of ​​what is working well and what could be improved in the evening economy, from 5 p.m. every day, to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for all. .

“The results of this survey will help focus investment in streetscape improvements, events and street art, better facilities and a positive celebration of the evening economy and much more.”

The survey, which is completely confidential and anonymous, can be completed via the link on bradfordbid.co.uk.

People who work in youth, faith-based or voluntary organizations and even performers are also invited to give their views.

“We want as complete and clear a picture as possible of how people involved in the ENTE sector feel every day about how the city center operates after hours and how it can be improved,” said Mrs Murphy. “Everyone’s opinion is valuable and will count towards the insights we gather and the answers we are able to formulate – so this is a great opportunity for people to have their say.”

One of the main areas the survey focuses on is collaborating and working in partnership to understand whether you are taking full advantage of the opportunities that arise.

“For example, if a new blockbuster film opens in Bradford, do local businesses know about it in advance and do they exploit it for commercial gain, such as developing a themed cocktail or menu or offering any special rates for hotel rooms with a meal at a local restaurant? restaurant and movie tickets packed together,” Ms Murphy said.

“It’s a simple example, but companies working together in this way can accomplish so much more and bring something special to the late downtown scene.”

Some of the other areas covered by the survey include marketing and advertising trends, promotion, ways to improve safety and the perception of safety at different times in different areas, opportunities and ideas for improving footfall, festival themes, public lighting, the environment, the fight against begging and incivility, transport and support for vulnerable people.

“All of these issues are important to the future success of Downtown and we need to gather as much information and insight as possible,” Ms Murphy said. “It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, but the responses we receive could have a big impact on the future of everyone working in the ENTE sector, so we urge everyone to participate.”

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