Ticket brokers used to be the enemy, but now it seems Bruce Springsteen is the problem

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to tour in 2023 despite ticket price issues

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are about to go on tour again. Dates for the live shows have been announced through July 2023. The shows will mark the first tour dates for Springsteen and his acclaimed E Street Band since February 2017, and their first in North America since September 2016.

Good news for Springsteen fans, right? Not so fast. The legendary songwriter and frontman costs his devoted following a small fortune to see him in concert.

Springsteen on Broadway: A familiar tune

Although on a smaller scale, a similar increase in ticket prices occurred when Bruce Springsteen performed his intimate and highly acclaimed solo acoustic show at the Walter Kerr Theater on Broadway. Springsteen on Broadway ran from October 2017 until the pandemic hit, then replayed the show until September 2021.

Fans couldn’t get near any of the tickets and had to resort to brokers like StubHub, where single last-minute tickets could be purchased for several hundred dollars, not to mention huge extra fees. Ticket prices were often 5 to 10 times face value.

Part of what makes Springsteen such a draw, in addition to his seemingly ageless showmanship and endless source of energy, is the possibility that every performance will finally be. At nearly 73, the boss must have a retirement date in mind, but never let it go.

But Springsteen’s youthful exuberance isn’t the only dynamic factor at play…

born to run Top ….Your credit card bill

Springsteen on Broadway which ran from 2019 to 2021

Bruce Springsteen 2023 Tour: Dynamic ticket pricing wreaks havoc on prices

For the 2023 tour, although some reasonably priced tickets are available, they are elusive to say the least. If reloading web pages hoping for a miracle isn’t your full-time job, you could end up with those sky-high platinum tickets, priced by demand.

When fans finally cross the purchase queue, they are greeted with grossly inflated ticket prices, sometimes nearly 10 times more than the original face value, sometimes with up to $5,000 for a seat. poor.

Moreover, this apparently rigged system does not match the personality of the Springsteen worker. The boss could easily use his influence to put an end to the out-of-control dynamic ticket pricing for good. He certainly doesn’t need the money and his work would suggest an extreme antipathy for this kind of elitism, so why hasn’t he acted?

Naturally, fans are outraged. But Ticketmaster reported in late July that only 1.3% of total tickets sold exceeded $1,000. But these data have not been verified.

Does Springsteen sell out or sell out?

While Springsteen himself has remained silent on the matter, his manager Jon Landau claimed they had chosen prices that were both lower and on par with their peers. According to his sources, the true average ticket price remained around $200. This figure is misleading since Landau refers to costs before dynamic ticket pricing came into effect.

Springsteen, often seen as a working-class hero by his legions of followers, must step up lest his fan base abandon him for selling out.

Governor Hochul Ticketing Legislation

In July 2022, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law a bill targeting anti-consumer ticketing practices for live entertainment events. The legislation promises to increase transparency by banning tender fees. Scalping robots, ticket buying software, selling free tickets, e-ticket delivery charges, dynamic ticket pricing will all be prohibited. Any violation will result in heavy penalties.

Although Broadway is not specifically named, live theater fits nicely into the live entertainment framework of the new ticket law.

Springsteen on Broadway

Come up to The climb…Ticket prices

In Springsteen’s case, some fans saw ticket prices go up even though they were already in their web cart. Broadway fans tend to be insensitive to additional fees such as set-up fees and vague service charges, but those patrons probably wouldn’t tolerate such a seemingly rigged system of ticket prices changing mid-purchase.

Hochul’s Law is certainly encouraging, but sellers (and that includes Broadway theaters) will likely absorb these fees into their regular ticket prices. Ultimately, the entertainment industry is still a business and will find a way to make up for lost revenue.

Born in USAthen off to Europe

The 2023 tour hits the US with 31 stops beginning in the South (Tampa, Atlanta, Orlando, Hollywood, Dallas, Houston, Austin) before heading to the Midwest (Kansas City, Tulsa, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Columbus ), Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle) and possibly East (Albany, Philadelphia, Boston, Buffalo, Greensboro, Washington DC, New York, Brooklyn, Baltimore).

Of course, no tour would be complete without the return of New Jersey’s prodigal son: the final national stop is Newark, but Springsteen has now demonstrated he’s no longer a man of the people. Many critics have now called Springsteen a “fake working-class hero”.

Springsteen will also perform internationally in major European cities such as Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Oslo, London and Vienna. The visit is necessarily a rich experience, indeed. Rich for him and poor for just about everyone.

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