The Invincible Czars Put A New Twist On A 100-Year-Old Vampire Movie

In 1922, for the first time in history and in a moment of delightful irony, the power of bright light brought a vampire to life. F.W. Murnausilent film classic Nosferatus celebrates its cinematic centenary this year, and whether you’re a fan looking for another chance to see it on the big screen, a movie buff booking in to catch up, or just a fan of goth noir anxiously counting the days until October, the Salt Lake Film Society offers you the chance to experience the film like you’ve never seen it, thanks to Josh Robin and Invincible Tsars.

“Being there on tour is weird because I’m working so I can’t go to Dracula’s castle at Lagoon.”

“Nosferatu is pretty much the first vampire movie,” says Robins. The German horror film tells the story of Count Orlok (Max Schreck), a vampire who plagues the city of Wisborg. Invincible Tsars is an instrumental and experimental rock band based in Austin, Texas, where they began developing and performing original music for existing silent film classics. The format was already gaining popularity at the famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in the late 90s and early 2000s. “We were part of a second wave of this trend,” says Robins. “Our first performance with a silent film was in the summer of 2006, and we kept adding more titles from there and getting further and further from home. only a few Alamo Drawing Houses, and as they grew, so did we. The band’s eclectic sound can be attributed to influences ranging from Pyotr Illyitch Tchaikovsky and Louis Aromstrong at Frank Zappa and Danny Elfman.

Invincible Tsarit started to turn with Nosferatus before in 2015, although between the combination of the centenary celebration, a revamped score and the chance to perform for live audiences again after an enforced hiatus due to COVID-19 makes 2022 a tour like no other , as the Tsars visit 49 cities across the continent. The current line up includes Robins on guitar, bass, samples and percussion, Phil Davidson on the violin, keyboards and percussion, Louis Landry on drums and keyboards and Zelda Young play the flute and clarinet.

“Nosferatu is pretty much the first vampire movie.”Mark your calendars for a chance to see Invincible Czars breathe new life into the silver screen's oldest vampire, Nosferatu.

Of all the cities that the Tsars are visiting, Salt Lake City is inherently special to Robins, who grew up in Kaysville. “I love coming back to Utah,” Robins says. “Being there on tour is weird because I’m working so I can’t go to Dracula’s castle at Lagoon.” For Robins, the tour is also a chance to introduce new people to Utah. “Salt Lake City is becoming more and more diverse compared to the image most people have in mind,” says Robins, adding that people tend to be surprised that you can actually find places to take A coffee.

Nosferatus: 100 years play in Salt Lake Film Society Center Broadway Theaters Saturday, September 10 at 7:30 p.m., with advance tickets available at Be sure to mark your calendars, because you are missing the chance to see Invincible Tsars breathing new life into the silver screen’s oldest vampire would just suck. -Patrick Gibbs

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