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From production issues to interstellar bounty hunters, it’s been a crazy year for film and television around Austin. But what were the news and interviews that interest you the most, our readers?

Here is our list of the 10 most read screen stories at

1: “Fear the living dead The production leaves Austin for Georgia “, November 11

Photo by Lauren “Lo” Smith / AMC

Was there more devastating news for the Austin film community than the news that AMC’s smash was moving production to Savannah, Georgia? Since moving here in 2018, the show had spent millions of dollars, employed hundreds of professionals, and helped increase the region’s reputation as a location for television and film production. He was expected to stay here for years to come, as he had rented a studio for at least one more season and was in the midst of preproduction when the announcement arrived. So what motivated the move? Increasingly, it seems the state’s decision to play favorites with the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (the Texas spending rebates on television, games, and movies) means the dead are leaving the world. ‘State.

2: “Guilty Until Innocent” Discovery Tears Holes in Michael Morton Case, Oct 1

Michael morton (Photo by Jana Birchum)

Michael Morton’s wrongful conviction for his wife’s murder and prosecutors’ determination to ignore any evidence to the contrary were the focus of an episode of Investigation Discovery. Detective diaries. Brant Bingamon was on hand for a special preview screening at the AFS cinema where director Dan Johnstone, attorney John Raley and Morton himself discussed the documentary and the case with Richard Linklater.

3: “First glimpse: Snapchat Vista Lake, ” June 30th

Each social media platform seems determined to break its own format, and Snapchat is no different, having skipped throwaway messages into docusoap bubbles. Avery Wohleb gave us a first look at Vista Lake, focused on the teenage lives of Tony Austin’s suburbs.

4: “Jordan Levin on the Future of Rooster Teeth,” July 31

Image courtesy of Netflix

Austin’s online content pioneers have come a long way from those early days in the bedroom of co-founder Burnie Burns. Now part of the WarnerMedia Empire, and with most of the original talent gone, the fan base is wondering, what is Rooster Teeth now? Managing Director Jordan Levin sat down to discuss the company’s future as it begins producing more content for HBO and Netflix.

5: “Austin’s conspiracy culture on display in The Pizzagate massacre“, November 19

Austin has a complicated (translation: ugly and worse and worse) history when it comes to conspiracy theories. So Joe Gross didn’t hesitate to pick up on the city’s bad habit of treating dangerous extremists like eccentric eccentrics when he spoke with John Valley about his new razor-sharp satire. The Pizzagate massacre, and Valley was there with the receipts.

6: “Living with death Our friend“, January 20

Matthew Teague’s star-studded adaptation of Gabriela Cowperthwaite Squire The article, titled “The Friend: Love Isn’t a Big Enough Word,” may not have ignited the box office, but the portrayal of what it means to live with a dying person has touched on the hearts of those who have seen it. The director spoke about her moral and emotional obligations to the real people whose lives she told.

7: “After the pandemic at the Alamo Drafthouse”, July 2

Rumors of the cinema’s death have been vastly exaggerated, although it turned out to be a bit harsh there. Alamo Drafthouse Founder and Executive Chairman Tim League and new CEO Shelli Taylor reviewed the many issues the local channel has faced in trying to survive the pandemic, answered some tough questions about the layoffs and described what they saw as the future of the business.

8: “Robert Rodriguez opens Boba Fett’s book“, December 24.

Christmas meant that Robert Rodriguez got to play with the best toys: a full set of Boba Fett armor, with a real Boba Fett! He is executive producer of the latest Disney + Star wars series, Boba Fett’s book, and he spoke with the the Chronicle about his long-standing love for the mysterious bounty hunter, his relationship with George Lucas and how series creator Jan Favreau asked him to bring this Alita: the angel of battle magic at the show.

9: “Sundown for the El Rey Network, January 5”

Robert Rodriguez’s television station ceased operations at the start of the year, no doubt the victim of company mergers and the exit of Univision as a partner. However, the lack of an antenna is not the same as shutting down the business, as the existing library moved to Roku and the business turned to developing new projects.

10: “The persecution of the Juggalos in United States of Madness“, October 26

Woop Woop! Insane Clown Posse may be the butt of a lot of jokes, but Tom Putnam’s documentary about law enforcement’s harassment campaign against the group and their fans proves that the attacks on the First Amendment aren’t all that funny.

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