Sharone Sayegh of COME FROM AWAY at Bass Concert Hall


September 11, 2001 was a terrifying day for the world. People at first felt so helpless as the news continued to broadcast all of the sadness, destruction and death surrounding the attacks. The planes were ordered to land wherever they could, leaving anxious passengers alone and far from home and loved ones. Then, topical stories started to emerge about the humanity and compassion that was shown to each other. The COME FROM AWAY story tells the true story of the city of Gander in Canada coming together to help stranded passengers feel at home while they wait to return home. BWW met the actress Sharone sayegh who plays Bonnie and others as the show prepares to come to Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Texas.

What made you interested in performing?

Originally, when I was in third grade, all I wanted to do was copy my older sister. She was going to drama class after school, and in an effort to be as cool as she was, I asked my mom if I could enroll too. I then signed up for a drama class at my local community center and loved it. I love to sing, dance, tell stories and most of all learn accents. I was constantly playing for my family during the lunch hour. My older sister then quickly stopped going!

What is your first memory on stage?

I played in “Free to be You and Me” when I was 8 years old. I remember standing on the school stage, looking outside and the red seats, and singing. I loved the feeling of watching the audience and telling them a story.

What are some of your favorite roles that you have played?

Last year I had the chance to create my first Broadway role as “Anna” in The Band’s Visit. It was a very special experience for me as I portrayed my own ethnicity on Broadway for the first time and spoke Hebrew and Arabic on stage. It was also very special for me to help create the role since The Band’s Visit began on Broadway. I was even able to help catch up with some of the lines I said in Hebrew!

Another role that I really loved playing was “Sharone” in The Wildness at Ars-Nova. Since it was the world premiere of the series, they named the part my name, which was pretty cool! It was a beautiful piece and I loved collaborating with all the actors and musicians to help bring it to life.

Tell us a bit more about how you were chosen for COME FROM AWAY.

I actually originally auditioned for another role and on my last encore director Chris Ashley asked me if I could read the sides of “Bonnie”. I left the room for 5 minutes, reread the 3 scenes and came home! I said to myself “okay, you didn’t have time to prepare these scenes, go for it and make strong choices!” Fortunately, it worked and here I am today! Looking back, I’m so much more of a “Bonnie” than the other role I originally auditioned for, I’m so glad Chris saw that in me.

What’s the best part about being in this show?

Share this incredible story across the country. The response is amazing, especially when people realize it’s a true story. I’ve never been in a show where the audience erupts so loud at the end of the show, it makes me touched every time. I feel very grateful to be able to do what I love and above all to be able to do a show that I love.

What will surprise people about COME FROM AWAY?

That there is actually a lot of humor in the play. When people hear the premise of the show, they assume it’s a very dark show. And while there are some intense moments, the story is really about September 12, not September 11. It’s about people coming together and helping each other and the best of mankind.

Don’t miss this inspiring show that will be performing at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX from February 18-23, 2020. Buy your tickets at Texas Performing Arts Website.

PHOTO CREDIT: Matthieu murphy


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