Scott Cooper’s Antlers premiered at Beyond Fest


Searchlight Pictures created the world premiere for Scott Cooperthe new horror thriller Drink like the Closing Night selection of Beyond Fest 2021, presented in partnership with the American Cinémathèque. Cooper is also set to host a horror retrospective in conjunction with Beyond Fest and the American Cinematheque this fall.

Drink will premiere at Beyond Fest on October 11, kicking off a series of events leading up to the nationwide release, including special screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in San Francisco and Austin on the 11th.

Drink features intense scares, spectacular creature, gripping storytelling, accomplished performances and the thrilling vision of Scott Cooper at the helm, ”said Beyond Fest founder Christian Parkes. “We know our audience will travel to the heart of the monster for this nifty nail rodent. It is an honor for us and the American Cinematheque to welcome Scott again, as we have celebrated his genre films from Crazy Heart to Out of the Furnace over the years.


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The film will have its international premiere at the 54th Sitges International Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya) on October 13, before being screened at the 57th Chicago International Film Festival on October 15 with a special recorded conversation between Scott Cooper and Guillermo del Toro, and as the closing event of the 12th Annual Telluride Horror Show on October 17th.

From the visionary world of famous director Scott Cooper, horror maestro Guillermo del Toro, David S. Goyer, and J. Miles Dal Drink takes place in a remote town in Oregon, where a college teacher (Keri russell) and his brother sheriff (Jesse plemons) falls out with his enigmatic pupil (Jeremy T. Thomas) whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with a legendary ancestral creature that came before them.

In addition to Russell and Plemons, Drink presents an Oscar nominee Graham Greene, Scott haze, Rory cochrane, and Oscar nominated Amy madigan.

“I made Antlers as a common theatrical experience for movie lovers,” said director and co-writer Scott Cooper. “I can’t think of a more appropriate screening series to launch our film in front of audiences all over the world – an audience that I hope will share an appreciation of horror films with a different perspective on our everyday fears and ancient mythology. .

Drink is written by C. Henri Chaisson & Nick Antosca and Scott Cooper, based on the short story The quiet boy through Nick antosca. The film also features an incredible team of artisans from the director of photography. Florian Hoffmeister to the head decorator Tim grimes, editor Dylan tichenor, and composer Javier Navarrette who composed the haunting music of Pan’s Labyrinth.

The screening of the closing evening of Drink will take place at the American Legion Theater in Hollywood, with a red carpet and interviews with Cooper and other actors to be announced later.

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