Saturday Night Live & Miles Teller Target Adam Levine & Armie Hammer Over DM Scandals

Host Miles Teller took aim at Adam Levine and Armie Hammer’s viral DM scandals during a skit during Saturday’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Teller hosted the premiere of SNL’s 48th season with musical guest Kendrick Lemar. The episode’s skits included acknowledgment of the heavy cast turnover between this season and last and the AMC Theaters commercial’s mockery of Nicole Kidman. Another skit had Teller host a game show titled send something normal. It should be the most winnable game show in the world. All contestants have to do is send a regular reply to a woman in their DMs to win $100 million. Simple, right?

“The game is very simple. We have four famous male contestants, and all they have to do is respond to a woman’s DM on Instagram in a normal way,” Teller host Halen explained. Hardy, to the candidates. “And guys, if you send a regular DM, you get $100 million.”

Things get complicated when you consider contests. They included Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine (Mikey Day), actor Armie Hammer (James Austin Johnson), astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson), and SNL star Bowen Yang. Yang played himself, the current defending champion of send something normalwho attributes his success to “being gay”.

Meanwhile, real-life Levine is at the center of a scandal for allegedly sending numerous inappropriate messages to women while still married to Behati Prinsloo. send something normal instructed Day’s Levine to respond to a woman in his DMs who wrote, “Hey Adam big fan. Love your music.” Levine asks to see her most liked vacation photo. After taking a good look at the woman in the bikini, he offers this answer:

“Very well. I’ll start with a ‘Holy moly!’ But I’ve got three more, though.” Damn moly! Holy shit! Your body makes my penis smile.” “That’s not a winner.

The host issued Hammer with a similar challenge. His message from a woman read, “Hey, Armie, hope you’re doing well.”

Johnson’s Hammer anticipated his response, saying: “Okay look, I know I’ve been talked about a lot in the press, but I’ve worked on myself a lot and I’ve changed. So I my message .” He then replied, “‘I want to break your bones and suck out your marrow.'”

Saturday Night Live airs new episodes Saturday nights on NBC. Brendan Gleeson hosts next week’s episode with musical guest Willow.

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