Rochester school badly needs items for its big resource room

There’s a room in a couple of our public schools in Rochester that’s great. A resource room. And Rochester Alternative Learning Center (RALC) needs help storing it! This is

I reached out to Beth Martinez, the new RALC Community Site Facilitator in Rochester, Minnesota, to find out more about the room and why she’s there. If you already know their awesomeness, just scroll down the list of needs.

What is the RALC Resource Room?

Example of an RPS resource room. This is the Mayo High School SOS Room (Rabe-TSM)

Example of an RPS resource room. This is the Mayo High School SOS Room (Rabe-TSM)

Our resource room is a support that we provide with the help of our community. We have items like hygiene products, kitchen utensils, food, clothing and cleaning supplies. This room is open to students and their families and is a way to meet some basic needs.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about RALC?

One thing I wish everyone knew about ALC is that we have the best students and the best staff. We work together to incorporate student and family interests into our daily learning and it makes every day super fun.

What does a Community Site Facilitator do at RALC?

My job is to work with existing community partners as well as create new ones. (All of our partnerships are created with our students and their needs in mind). I also work with the families of our students. Making sure we have good communication with them and making sure their voices are heard. We want our families to know that they are extremely valuable and welcome at any time.

My job is basically to make sure that we (RALC) provide a space where students and their families can be fully supported. We strive to provide support that will help them achieve their educational goals as well as their personal goals.

What items are needed in the RALC resource room?

Click to enlarge the image (RALC)
Click to enlarge the image (RALC)

If you don’t like running around and dropping things, do what I just did, use the Target gift registry. The link is and their address (if for some reason the address does not appear automatically), is 37 Woodlake Dr, Rochester, MN 55904.

Click for link
Click for link

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