Recording with… Frozen Tour Star Caroline Bowman

Recording with…

Recording with… Frozen Tour Star Caroline Bowman

The Nasty and Avoided The star plays Elsa in Disney’s North American tour of the musical, now performing at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square.

Caroline Bowman
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This week, Playbill caught up with Caroline Bowman, who is currently playing Elsa opposite Lauren Nicole Chapman’s Anna in the Disney musical’s North American tour. Frozenon view at Playhouse Square in Cleveland until 9/11.

Bowman’s Broadway credits include Elphaba in the long-running musical Nasty and Nicola in the Tony-winner Naughty bootswhile his additional touring credits include the title role in Avoided (Helen Hayes Award nomination), Lady of the Lake in spamlotRizzo in Fatand Carmen in Notoriety. Regionally, Bowman has starred in productions of Gypsy (Cap Playhouse), Avoided(Vancouver Opera), All stirred (Muny), and Joseph and the Incredible Technicolor Dream Coat (at Toby).

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Caroline Bowman in Frozen

What does your typical day look like now?
I live a pretty simple life when I play powerful roles like Elsa. So typically I sleep, have coffee and breakfast, watch a show or two, exercise to warm up my body, take a shower, warm up my voice, eat dinner, and go to the theater. There are days when I have the press or I have my singing lesson every other week that breaks the “simplicity” of the day, but generally I’m in prep mode for the show. After the show, I like to have a snack (chips and dip) usually and watch something on TV, then shower and go to bed. Throw in daily phone calls with my husband (Austin Colby) and my dog ​​(Kodak) and generally my mother. Simplicity is key for me.

Are there parts of your role in Frozen or the musical that seems particularly poignant/relevant following the events of the past two years?
I mean an obvious choice is that we can all relate to Elsa’s sense of isolation and a community separated by fear. The idea that our greatest strength is love and that we are stronger when we come together.

Caroline Bowman and Lauren Nicole Chapman in Frozen
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The musical focuses on the bond between two sisters. Can you share a favorite story that helped develop a bond with your co-star?
Lauren and I have known each other in the industry for years and have always passed ships. We missed working with each other by an inch on several occasions. I have always loved her energy, her spirit, her positivity, her clumsiness, her optimism, her sweetness and her comfort in being with her, all the aspects that make her a perfect Anna. When I found out that she would be my sister, I was so excited to finally be able to work with this talented woman. Right before I went on tour in 2019, I did a gig with Lauren, and we sat together all night laughing and loving each other. She said to me at the end of the evening, “Aw, now I wish I had auditioned for the tour”, and I replied, “Me too, I love you!” Flash forward!!!! Here we play sisters eight times a week. Which gift.

What’s the hardest part of touring with a show, and what’s your favorite part of touring?
In a way, they are one. Traveling to new cities all the time and getting used to them can be the hardest but also the most exciting. We have opening nights every two weeks and discover new theaters and audiences, which is fun, but also challenging. I miss my family a lot too.

Caroline Bowman in Nasty

In this time of reflection and re-education on artists and the art of BIPOC, especially in theatre, what do you want people (those in power, other artists, the public) to be aware of? What do you want them to consider further?
I am not perfect and I try to keep learning and growing every day…education can never stop. The progress we are making is good, but we still have a long way to go. We need to remember empathy and compassion every day. We need to recognize that there is no one way to see something or tell stories, and that everyone’s voice counts. More voice/performance allows for better and deeper storytelling. We must continue to make room for everyone to have a seat at the table. And the table needs to grow to be more inclusive.

What, if any, have you learned about yourself in the past two years that you didn’t already know?
The stage is part of my being. It is my air and my water. It sounds dramatic, but without it I feel very lost. I know that I am not alone in this case. During the pandemic, it’s become even clearer that this is what I want to do with my life. My heart and soul are filled when I’m on stage and, more than ever in my life, I don’t take a day to do that for granted.

Do you have other scenic or cinematographic projects in progress?
Nothing I can talk about at the moment… however, I can say that I will continue to play Elsa for a bit longer… I can’t ‘let go’ yet and I’m at the start of creating an album!

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