Les Aerites at the Municipal Musical Theater Olympia Maria Callas


The contemporary dance group Aerites presents, as a world premiere, its new piece, entitled U (R) TOPIAS, conceived and choreographed by Patricia Apergi, from November 12 to 21 at the historic Olympia Theater.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, the Aerites wish to refer to modern utopias.

The utopias we are waiting for, the utopias we hope for, the utopias we need, the utopias that will be born, to support the dystopias that we have already built.

The Greek Revolution was a utopia that came true 200 years later. Today, that seems unthinkable to us.

Thus, having utopia and its components as its axis, the work seeks to discover these ideas, but by relying on knowledge of the past. And at this point, utopia occurs Ur-topia.

The prefix -Ur, which means old, primitive, original, symbolizes the goal of defining a new utopia, but which visits our history.

Thus, in the work, the Aerites, discover pieces and fragments of the old, and project their own ideas in order to reinvent new ways of fighting and resisting.

Imagine independence. To understand the battle. To resist the fall.

Because we can never imagine a better end than that of the revolution.

A revolution which will not only cry out loud and clear its ideas but will impose that tomorrow belongs to everyone. The revolution that will build the kind of people we deserve.

And this is how the idea of ​​heroism awakens. And sow the seeds of optimism and strength in the palms of all the besieged free.

It’s time to fight for what we haven’t caught. And let us down. There will surely always be someone who will shout: Let’s go!


Conception – Choreography: Patricia strike
Drama: Roberto Fratini Serafide
Musical composition: Dimitris Kamarotos
Sets: Dimitris Nasiakos
Lighting: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Disguises: Irini Georgakila
Photo: Tasos Brettos
Assistant choreographer: Emmanuela Sakellari
Production execution: Efi Panourgia
Production: Art space, Aère.

Dear Sapphire
Fuerza Negra
Giannis Economides
Costas phoenix
Sofia Pouchtou
Harris Chatziandreou
Elias Chatzigeorgiou

* The project was subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.


NOVEMBER 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 21:00
NOVEMBER 14, 21 19:00 & 21:30
Duration of the event: 60 minutes

Presidential Gallery: 25 €
Distinguished Zone: 25 €
Zone A: 20 €
Zone B: 20 ​​€
Zone C: 20 €
Zone D (Student, large family, young people up to 25, unemployed, over 65): € 12
Places with limited visibility: € 5

Ticket presale: https://www.ticketservices.gr/event/urtopias-olympia-dimotiko-theatro-maria-kallas/?lang=el

AKADIMIAS 59, 106 79 – Athens T. 210 3642540 www.opanda.gr

He was born in Athens. She started dancing at the school of Niki Kontaxaki then studied theatrology at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens (Department of Theatrical Studies), dance at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in France and the choreography at Middlesex University, London.

In 2006, he founded the contemporary dance group Aerites, with which he choreographed the works: hero (2020) Citizens (2018) Graveyard (2017) TANZheimer (2014) Planets (2013) Era poVera (2012) The Manifesto of the Other (2010) d.opa! (post-Athenian dopamines) (2009) Ferry tales (2009), Apolost (2008) and Social anorexia (2007).

With her works, she has traveled to many festivals and theaters around the world.

In addition, she has choreographed theatrical performances and operas, collaborating with very important Greek and foreign artists.

For the period 2013-2014, he was selected as modul-dance artist of the European network EDN and for the years 2016-2017 as associate artist of the Maison de la danse (Lyon).

In 2017 she was invited as guest choreographer of the dance group EgriBiancoDanza (Turin), where she choreographed the work Prometheus and today’s rebels.

In 2018, he choreographed the artistic installation The main fact by visual artist Hikaru Fujii as part of the 5th Fast Forward Festival du Toit of the Onassis Foundation and the work Citizens revisited at the ancient stadium of Epidaurus, with 90 dance and theater students from all over the world, as part of the Epidaurus High School of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

In 2019 he was invited as a mentor to KLUB ZAK in Poland, to choreograph a group of dancers from the Gdansk Opera. At the same time, he was invited as a choreographer to create a new work in collaboration with the Aterballetto group, as part of the Agora project, in Reggio Emilia, Italy. In 2021, he choreographed the work Adult nationality with the ballet of the National Opera.

Since 2019 he has been a member of the board of directors of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

He is co-author of the book “Théâtre – Éducation théâtrale” by IDEKE (2007) and a member of the International Festival of Emerging Artists (London, 2008).

She teaches dance and theater at the Leontio School in Athens, where she works as a consultant for cultural programs, while from 2016 to 2020 she taught choreography at the Anna Petrova-Maro Superior Professional Dance School Marmarinou.

He has also taught improvisation-choreography at the Center Culturel de la Danse as part of the Arc for Dance Festival, as well as the dance program for 65+ at the Onassis Foundation (2013-2020). He has lectured on choreography at various universities in Greece and abroad.

In 2021, in collaboration with Eleusis Cultural Capital of Europe 2023, he founded the 1st Academy of Choreography in Greece, as part of the wider artistic conception of Aerites, entitled U (R) TOPIAS.

The dance group Aerites was founded in 2006 by Patricia Apergi.

The dance for the Aerites is not only “morphology”, “type” or “type of expression”. They are intended to be the experience or artistic work produced by the synergy of theoretical, dramatic and kinesiological research.

To this end, the team collaborates with artists and theorists from different fields of art, in order to create kinetic codes and artistic universes that refer to the “today”, comment on the “now” and respond to the contemporary needs, desires and demands. citizens of the world.

The aim of Aerites is to create artistic activities that will result from the synergy of dance with the performing arts, poetry, theater and new technologies.

The group has presented their work in various theaters and festivals in Greece and abroad:
Feltrinelli Foundation (Milan), Danza National Foundation (Reggio Emilia), Ancient stadium of Epidaurus, Theater in the Palatinate (Lunwinchaven), Kur Theater (Baden), The toboggan (Lyon), Greek feast (Barcelona), KLAP house for dancing (Marseille), Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Palestine), Bow for dance festival (Athena), Zucker Theater Show (Zurich), Dublin Dance Festival (Dublin), Hellerau (Dresden), Chateauvallon (Toulon), Sibiu International Theater Festival (Sibiu), Interaction Festival (Turin), Guidance – Festival (Guimaraes), CND (Paris), Euroscene (Leipzig), Dance biennial (Lyon), European Dance Festival (Limassol), Salmon festival (Barcelona), Modul Dance Festival (Dresden), Modular dance conference (Düsseldorf), Winter (Avignon), Kalamata Dance Festival, Demetrios feast (Thessaloniki), Albanian dance encounter (Durres), Aerowaves Spring Forward (Ljubljana), Mouson (Frankfurt), Resolutions | the place (London), City to city cabaret (Zagreb), 8th Athens International Dance Festival (Accelerator pedal), 4th modern dance platform (Opera), 14th Biennial of Young Artists, (Skopje Opera House), Ohrid International Festival, Cairo Contemporary Dance Festival, Alexandria Opera House, Onassis Cultural Center (Athens), etc.


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