Lancaster: ghost hunters will visit a “haunted” room

Paranormal investigators are ready to explore a notoriously haunted room in Lancashire – and you can join them.

The survey is hosted by Haunted Rooms, which run ghost hunts for the public at apparently haunted locations across the UK and US.

The team will visit the Lancaster Grand Theater on St. Leonard’s Gate later this summer.

Wesley McDermott, owner of Haunted Rooms, said the team will investigate the location using state-of-the-art equipment.

He said: “We will be investigating this unique location using state of the art equipment such as EMF meters, Rem Pods, thermal imaging, SLS cameras etc.

“We will also be using tried and trusted traditional methods, such as seances, ouija boards, dowsing wands and more, to try and get in touch with some of the reported spirits that haunt here.”

The Grand Theater in Lancaster is one of Britain’s oldest operating theatres, having been open since 1782.

Opened during the reign of George III, the theater entertained the nobility of Lancaster and surrounding areas for over 100 years.

Believed to be haunted by a number of spirits of long-dead performers, the most prominent ghost is believed to be that of Sarah Siddons (the sister-in-law of Charles Edward Whitlock, who built the theater in 1781 with his business partner, Joseph Austin ).

The Welsh actress was known for playing Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth at the theater in 1795

Sarah has been seen many times, sitting in the stalls passing the auditorium, or crossing the stage.

Actors, staff and visitors all reported being watched from the stalls, but no one was ever found.

Wesley said: “As well as Sarah, a former male actor, known as Harald, is meant to haunt the theatre. His mind was picked up by investigators numerous times.

“Backstage and dressing rooms have a reputation for making people very uncomfortable, with several people being forced to leave the area, and some even refusing to return. Disembodied footsteps are often heard in this area, as well than on the stage.

“There are countless other reports emanating from this remarkable building. We hope to share its colorful past with our guests and try to make contact and discover the stories of the spirits who reside here.

How can I attend the ghost hunt?

The Haunted Rooms Ghost Hunt will take place on two dates this summer:

Saturday June 11 and Saturday August 27, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Tickets cost £39 per person and can be purchased at the haunted rooms website.

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