“Halloween Kills” ending explanation: shocking death ends horror sequel!


It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time for the villagers of Haddonfield to try and fail to assassinate Michael Myers once again.

Halloween Kills, the eleventh installment in the franchise that began in 1978, is now available on Peacock Premium and in theaters. The slasher movie is a direct sequel to the 2018 Halloween movie, and it features many of the same actors in John Carpenter’s original 1978 photo.

Laurie Strode is once again played by Jamie Lee Curtis, with Judy Greer as Laurie’s daughter, Karen and Andi Matichak as Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson.


The film begins today, with a little boy named Cameron Elam (aka Allyson Nelson’s boyfriend from the previous film) discovering an injured deputy Frank Hawkins (played by Will Patton). Hawkins was stabbed by Michael’s doctor towards the end of the previous movie, if you remember.

In 1978, a young Hawkins (now played by Thomas Mann) first met Michael Myers. Hawkins accidentally kills his comrade in cold blood while attempting to shoot Michael.

Nowadays, the former victims of the Michael Myer massacre in 1978 met at a Haddonfield bar on Halloween night for a reunion. Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) is in charge of the reunion. Tommy was one of the children Laurie was babysitting in 1978 when Michael assaulted them.

Lindsay Wallace (played by Kyle Richards, reprising her role from the 1978 film); Cameron’s father, Lonnie; former Sheriff Haddonfield Brackett (Charles Cyphers, reprising his role from the original); a former assistant to Dr Loomise named Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens, reprising her role from the original); and several new arrivals are among the survivors.

Laurie Strode (Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and Allyson (Andi Matichak) are taken to the hospital in the meantime. They had just finished confining Michael to a basement and setting him on fire, believing they had finally killed him. However, they notice that firefighters are heading towards the area on their way to the hospital.

When we return to the burning building, the viewer discovers that Michael not only survived, but is still killing, starting with the firefighters who saved him.

When the reunited survivors find that Michael is still alive and stabbing people, they decide to go looking for him. Tommy swears that “evil dies tonight” and that they can beat him if they all work together.

Even though her mother warns her not to, Allyson returns to the hospital and joins her boyfriend Cameron in search of Michael Myers. Laurie, who survived her stabbing but will have to recover, is still on pain medication, and Karen lies to her mother when she informs Laurie that Michael is dead.

The rest of the film follows the survivors as they attempt to assassinate Michael Myers. Spoiler alert: they’re all doomed. Michael’s hand is killing a lot of people. An enraged mob builds up in the hospital where Laurie is being treated, and they corner a man they think is Michael Myers.

Laurie and her daughter Karen try to persuade everyone that the man is not Michael, but no one believes them. When the man realizes he is under siege by a violent mob, he jumps out of the hospital window and commits suicide.


Tommy believes Michael will return to his childhood home, where he still goes after a killing spree. Michael returned to his childhood home and murdered the sweet gay couple who had recently moved in.

At Michael’s residence, Allyson, Allyson’s boyfriend, Cameron, and Cameron’s father, Lonnie, confront him. Lonnie and Cameron are both killed by Michael. Just when he also looks set to kill Allyson, Karen appears at the last possible moment to save her daughter.

Karen uses a pitchfork to stab Michael. She stomped on his head, removing his mask. We can see that he is bald, but we cannot see his face.

Karen mocks Michael with her mask, pulling him out of the house and away from his child. She leads him down a street where Tommy and the rest of the gang are waiting to ambush the assailant. Michael replaces his mask, and the mob assaults him with bats and other blunt weapons, but surprisingly few guns. (When are these people going to learn?) Michael always gets shot at least four times.

Karen stabs herself with a knife before returning to Allyson. The mob then stops attacking Michael, assuming he’s already dead… right?

Of course, this is incorrect. This series will never stop! Michael regains control and hits the crowd, despite not being dead. Although she only fired a few shots, the crowd was running out of ammunition. Many other people, including Tommy, are killed.

Karen, meanwhile, returned to Michael’s house. She seems to see something through the upstairs window, which is the room where Michael’s sister, Judith, lived. She goes up in the room and looks out the window… After that, Michael attacks and stabs her.


There are a lot of people, but Karen, Laurie’s daughter, is the most important. While it’s possible that Karen will survive – you never know from these movies – a close-up of Judy Greer’s still, milky eyeball suggests that Karen is dead.

The film ends with Michael looking out of his sister’s bedroom window. There is no post-credits streak in Halloween Kills. You are free to go home and mourn the death of Karen Nelson. A real one has died.

The good news is that Laurie Strode will return in the next sequel, Halloween Ends, and possibly earn her retribution.


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