Enzian hosts screening of 1987 independent martial arts film “Miami Connection”

Enzien Theater (Facebook | Website) will host a 35th anniversary screening of the cult classic martial arts film, “Miami Connection” on Friday, August 5.

The film, which was released in 1987, was directed by grandmaster YK Kim (founder of the Martial Arts World franchise) black belt/philosopher/9th degree inspirational speaker, and is considered one of the most entertaining recorded martial arts in the world. United States since then.

The film, which was shot in Orlando and features many recognizable local landmarks, centers on the pitiful upsets and misadventures of multinational martial arts rock band, Dragon Sound, who end up fighting crime, with real fists, not legal fists. , and responds to the illicit drug trade in Florida. While Shakespeare isn’t, the film coincidentally screened in 2009 at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin, Texas, from where word quickly spread of the film’s enjoyment and enough support to have it reissued.

Gawker called it, “So bad, it’s essential.”

Ticket holders will be eligible to win one of two copies of the out-of-print Dragon Sound seven-inch disc featuring “Friends” and “Against The Ninja.”

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