Do Lubbock Carino’s turn into a hot new joint?

Back in August 2019, the Lubbockites mourned the loss of restaurant Johnny Carino and its Italian nachos and the infamous Skilletini. Since that fateful day, the citizens of Lubbock have had to travel all the way to Midland to savor the five Tuscan meat pasta with these beautiful bow tie pasta shapes that comfort your soul.

Could it be that the Country Italian Eatery is making a comeback in Lubbock?

Probably not, but at the very least, something new could happen to the old location that once went by Carino’s name.

The Carino’s building will finally return to service after being virtually abandoned since August 2019. Coldwell Banker Commercial Capital Advisors recently announced the sale of the building on its Facebook page.

I’m saying the building could be in action, it could be that Carino’s building is demolished to make way for something brand new to come to the central city. There have been rumors for decades that Papadeaux could be in store for Lubbock. These will remain as rumors.

Glancing at the Lubbock in the Loop Rumor Mill, there is speculation that Bush’s Chicken intends to move to Lubbock with a location on Slide Road. That would be doomed to fail, considering how The Lord’s Chicken is set up right across the street.

There is another rumor on the site that says Total Wine and More was attached to land at Slide and Loop 289 in 2018. I’ll say Carino’s won’t be Total Wine and More.

Here’s the dream: Could it be that a restaurant chain that measured interest in a location in Lubbock just a few weeks ago had already been in the market for a space and was just advertising for free and excitement?


Alright, I won’t have hope if you don’t.

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