Check Out Austin Butler’s First Look At Elvis In This Upcoming Biopic Starring Tom Hanks


For a while we’ve just been wondering what happens with the movie Elvis by Tom Hanks. We know the Oscar-winning actor will play Colonel Tom Parker in writer / director Baz Luhrmann’s film; However, what the end result might look like has been a bit of a mystery. The questions will only get deeper from here on out, but at least now you can see Austin Butler’s first look at Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic.

Proclaiming it was “Elvis Monday” on his Twitter feed, Baz Lurhmann thanked his dedicated fans with a quick edit of snaps that showcase the Once upon a time in hollywood the role of the actor as “the king”. Plus, it looks like we get a quick glimpse of Tom Hanks in action as Colonel Parker as well. Still, the most interesting thing is that there appear to be two potential titles at work, for this supposedly yet untitled film:

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On Elvis Presley’s iconic hit “Suspicious Minds,” we see Austin Butler appear as Elvis himself in a handful of shots. Seeking to chronicle the legendary artist from his youth until his tragic death, Butler can be seen portraying various points of Elvis history in this coil. Unfortunately, his face is quite obscured, as is that of Tom Hanks, who appears to be present as Colonel Tom in this first section. What’s even more mysterious than what this movie is going to look like is what it’s going to be called.

Right now, Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic is reported as still untitled. However, this tweet appears to float two potential working titles. If you are relying on the images shown, the title can be assumed to be TCB. It would make sense, because The special return of 68 saw the artist do a hell of a show live on television, after a slump in his career. Luhrmann’s narrative could use this moment as a central focus, with Austin Butler’s younger years as the character entering and exiting sight through flashbacks.

Of course, it doesn’t help that sitting there in the hashtags being used either. Elvis, which is a simple but effective title. The only real issue with this isn’t just that it sounds like a base title, it’s also the name of director John Carpenter’s 1979 TV movie., with Kurt Russell. Much like a modern reboot of any legendary franchise, you’ll need to be very specific with the movie you’re talking about.

After an eventful production which saw Tom Hanks contracts COVID-19, but also the resulting shutdown delaying production, Baz Luhrmann’s vision finally draws closer. Almost a decade in the works, this version of Elvis Presley’s life story will finally be told to the world. So far we know that TCB, Elvis, or whatever name this supposedly untitled Elvis Presley film eventually gets named will be in theaters on June 24, 2022.

This is just the latest addition to the roll-call of films hitting theaters over the coming year, so be sure to visit the 2022 films program, and see who’s ready to face the king. One final note: don’t expect this movie, or any other Warner Bros. movie, to be a simultaneous premiere on HBO Max in the coming year, as the studio has a exclusive agreement with AMC cinemas which guarantees that the 2022 tracklist will be theatrical exclusives when it opens.


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