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Yes, the benefit of borrowing money is many! Nevertheless, many Norwegians have a perception of money loans, which far from including benefits can be said. If you, too, who do not see the benefits of borrowing money, and who would rather save money in the bank for a long time, is it perhaps time for a reassessment?

It is not our point to argue against saving money in that sense

It is not our point to argue against saving money in that sense

Similarly, it is not our intention to convince people who do not need a loan to borrow money anyway. In contrast to this article is aimed at all of you who refuse to borrow money at all costs, even if you really want something or actually need a new car for example. We know who you are! Or know the type.

Maybe it’s a lifelong dream to see Australia, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower or somewhere in Norway? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning a horse, a motorcycle or a pair of skis? I wish it could be a city for as many as there are people reading this. But the common thing is that they are far from unattainable.

The money can be borrowed. And it’s not hard to borrow money on the internet!

The money can be borrow

Yes! There is absolutely no doubt that it is far more sensible to store your trip, bike or computer. But saving is an extremely high probability that saving money is used to route other things. A difficult economic period, damage to a car or just very big. In the end, the only thing it means is that you never got your wish fulfilled.
And yes! It is always more important to spend their money. But why deny yourself what you really want to do when we are lucky enough to live in a world where almost anything is possible?

It is, therefore, a priority! If the money is borrowed, they will be repaid.

Did it cost you money, but it’s up to you to judge if it’s been worth it?


Read more online and get answers to all your consumer credit questions. You can also read about consumer loans here on the site, before deciding on a loan of money in a sensible way.

Personal loans. Hungarians are becoming less and less afraid to become debtors /personal-loans-hungarians-are-becoming-less-and-less-afraid-to-become-debtors/ Wed, 09 Oct 2019 14:52:40 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/personal-loans-hungarians-are-becoming-less-and-less-afraid-to-become-debtors/

According to the data of the financial comparison page of Netrisk.hu, the borrowing of the population has significantly strengthened. In the first quarter of this year, the Internet company delivered 26 percent more personal loan claims, the average size of which was 1.48 million dollars, which is 16 percent above the average of 1.28 million for the same period last year.


Average duration of a three-quarter loan

Average duration of a three-quarter loan

The company said that the average duration of a three-quarter loan portfolio was 51 months, with an average thm-e of 14.5 percent.

Sylvia Roman, Head of Nuclear Research at Netrisk.hu, told MTI that an ever-increasing population of the population is able to borrow and dare to become debt again in the hope of achieving certain goals faster.

14 percent of the required personal loans exceed 3 million dollars , compared to 8 percent at the beginning of last year. Parallel to the increase in loan amounts, the monthly installment also increased with Gandalfs, their average amount increased by 12 percent in one year, from $ 31,600 to $ 35,400.

The increase of the committed repayment part of Gandalfs is also related to the improvement of the clients’ income position . In the first quarter of this year, 24.1 per cent of personal loan borrowers earned more than $ 250 thousand a month, the same ratio reached 18.3 per cent at the beginning of 2016 and 21.1 per cent in the first months of 2017.

The personal loans included in the sample are freely usable , while those who named the intended purpose of the use, 48 percent of the money spent on debt settlement, 40 percent on car purchase, and 12 percent on real estate renovation.

According to the data of the Internet company, the circle of people who take personal loans is moving towards the younger age groups . One year earlier, the proportion of those over 45 years of age was 45 per cent, and only 31 per cent of them were in the first quarter of this year. At the same time, the proportion of the 25-year-old or younger age group rose from 13 to 13 percent.


Conditions are favorable for retail lending to expand this year

Conditions are favorable for retail lending to expand this year

According to the director of Netrisk.hu, the conditions are favorable for retail lending to expand this year. The central bank’s latest interest rate decision-making session did not start a new interest rate cycle, and as a result of rising wages, the creditworthiness of the population continues to improve , while the growth rate of borrowing is expected to be lower than last year, he said.

How long can one extend one’s credit redemption? /how-long-can-one-extend-ones-credit-redemption/ Fri, 04 Oct 2019 01:28:54 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/how-long-can-one-extend-ones-credit-redemption/

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to group its receivables in a single reduced monthly rate. Many borrowers use this solution to regain purchasing power or to improve their financial situation.

The duration of a credit surrender varies according to the nature of the transaction and the profile of the borrower. Indeed, the debt ratio must not exceed 33% of its net income. What is the optimal duration of a loan consolidation? All the explanations.

12 years for a buy back of consumer credit

12 years for a buy back of consumer credit

As a reminder, the purchase of consumer credit consists of consolidating into one single monthly payment at least two credits conso. These may include personal loans, car loans, work loans, revolving loans or bank overdrafts.

The duration of a loan consolidation depends on criteria related to the borrower’s personal circumstances and the nature of the transaction. For a buyback of consumer credit, the maximum duration of the new loan is set at 12 years.

25 to 25 years for a repurchase of mortgage

25 to 25 years for a repurchase of mortgage

In the context of a repurchase of real estate credit with surety by a third party or a specialized organization, the maximum duration is of 25 years. A guarantee is often necessary to convince the bank to set up this financing solution. The surety then agrees to pay the monthly payments if the subscriber proves to be in default.

In the context of a mortgage-backed mortgage purchase, the maximum term is generally between 30 and 35 years. Recall that the mortgage is a notarial deed by which the borrower agrees to return his property to the creditor in case of default. If the subscriber does not honor his financial commitments, the lender will be able to obtain the sale of the immovable as collateral and be paid for its price.

Duration of a credit surrender: the profile of the borrower counts

Duration of a credit surrender: the profile of the borrower counts

To offer a credit repurchase period, the banking organizations have their own analysis grid. The financial situation of the borrower will be carefully studied by the lender who wishes to ensure that his client is able to assume the payment of his new monthly payment.

Like the costs associated with the repurchase of credit, the duration of the transaction can be negotiated. Thus, nothing prevents the borrower to compete to find a more advantageous offer based on his profile and in particular its ability to repay and its current level of indebtedness.

Credit buyback: what is the optimal duration?

Credit buyback: what is the optimal duration?

A borrower always has an interest in getting into debt in the shortest possible time. To determine the optimal duration of a credit surrender, two factors must be taken into account: the maximum amount that the borrower can devote each month to the payment of monthly payments and the financial effort he is willing to make to repay his loan. debt. The amount of monthly repayments, however, must not exceed one third of his disposable income.

To find an optimal credit buy offer, it is strongly recommended to compare offers online. By comparing several commercial propositions, you will be able to select a contract adapted to your expectations and objectives.

After shooting home savings, we wait for someone to tell us where to invest our money – Take out Loan /after-shooting-home-savings-we-wait-for-someone-to-tell-us-where-to-invest-our-money-take-out-loan/ Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:58:02 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/after-shooting-home-savings-we-wait-for-someone-to-tell-us-where-to-invest-our-money-take-out-loan/

The National Bank of Hungary is boosting borrowing, with little success: the 2018 plan has been largely over-implemented. However, with the elimination of government-backed home savings schemes, many have been left without self-sufficiency and savings ideas, which, despite central bank precautionary measures, can drive borrowers towards bad debt.

What’s more, the lower-income and deprived layers can be trapped in a market where overpriced real estate is multiplying.

The country of investment illiteracy

The country of investment illiteracy

Three-quarters of current homeowners do not know where to invest their money in the future after their current contract expires. They typically have some ideas and ideas for those who have other investments besides home savings, according to a survey by the Academy of Good Finance.

“I had assumed that saving would bring about an investment approach, but it didn’t seem to be, and many were waiting to tell someone what to invest in,” said Orsolya Alkér, the founder of the survey firm. development, and there is still a very high proportion of those in society who lack basic financial knowledge.

Of course, the lack of a dream-like product on the market, such as ltp, in which regular savings are rewarded with a fixed return of up to 10 percent and deposit insurance coverage also contributes to the indecision.

We will not sew ltp $ 20,000 into a pillow case


“The home savings fund was a rare opportunity for self-fundraising and was open to lower income earners. It has also educated consumers on financial discipline, which is not negligible before taking a loan, ”said Balázs Sándorfi, Founder and CEO of Bankmonitor, in our article analyzing the 2018 housing policy changes.

But according to Sándorfi, those who set aside $ 20,000 a month for the LTP will not necessarily sew the same amount each month into the pillow case, simply because “without government support, this amount won’t go too far in years. They would rather not start saving. ”

The new ltp has built up tens of billions of forints

After the LTPs were plotted, only Fundamenta came up with a new construction, just a few days after announcing the termination of state aid. However, experts say the new product will only survive if the volume of outsourcing is high or they can somehow reduce fixed costs.

Fundamenta, on the other hand, gave a confident answer to our newspaper, saying that with the new product, their staff had built tens of billions of new staff, despite having tens of thousands of people ahead of the state subsidy. They also say they do not expect competitors to show up with similar products in the near future.

If ltp goes up, the credit will stay

“There may be an interesting situation in mortgage lending when LTP contracts – especially in October now massively concluded – will expire,” said Erika Trencsán, Bankruptcy Specialist, who has experienced two-year contracts typically two years after announcing the termination of LTPs. the customers.

LTPs have been made by many to be able to use the accumulated amount as a deduction for a future home purchase. As home savings spin up, the number of people who are forced to make up their own borrowings, or who have to cut down on their borrowings, can increase, which in turn results in a higher installment.

Home Savings Resurrected! We’ll show you how much you can mow now – Fixed-rate Loan /home-savings-resurrected-well-show-you-how-much-you-can-mow-now-fixed-rate-loan/ Sat, 07 Sep 2019 15:43:11 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/home-savings-resurrected-well-show-you-how-much-you-can-mow-now-fixed-rate-loan/

After the shock of late last year, the home savings market is picking up again; already two service providers, Good Finance and Good Credit, have come up with a new product.

They offer a 5-15% down payment, which is significantly less than the 30% government subsidy taken (not even competing with government bond yields over total capital) and, in some cases, we have to meet significantly stricter conditions to maximize yield . If savings are your goal, you should choose your Good Credit product, but if you want to get a favorable, fixed-rate loan, you should choose Good Finance.

After Home Savings Fund Benefits

After Home Savings Fund Benefits

Before Your Pension Bond: Prospects for the Self-Care Market Insurance is one of the sections of our 2019 conference, not to be missed.

A major storm in October last year saw the government remove a substantial 30% down payment from government savings funds in a matter of days with a single stroke of pen. All four home savings companies have ceased selling their products (Aegon had been a few weeks before the announcement) and then sat down at the management’s desk to rebuild its products with negative net returns in the current interest rate environment without government support. Firstly, in October last year, Good Finance and then a few days ago Good Credit launched their new product, instead of state aid, they are building their business model on bonuses and soft loans. E-Money is the third player expected to return. To our knowledge, their new products are already under MNB approval.

Good Credit offers an interest rate bonus

Good Credit offers an interest rate bonus

While Good Finance is trying to replace the state subsidy with a 5% interest rate bonus, Good Credit offers an interest rate bonus of 10-10 + 5% for its longer 120-month contract.

The 10% deposit bonus of Good Credit will only be guaranteed if you choose the longest maturity and + 5% if you take out an Good Credit home loan worth at least HUF 15 million 3 months before or 9 months after the contract is signed. The + 5% bonus is based on the ratio of the loan amount to the LTP contract amount multiplied by the amount of the deposit placed.

What has not changed:

  • the costs: the account opening fee is 1% of the contractual amount (deposit + interest + loan), the account management fee is also HUF 150 / month (the account opening fee can still be zeroed within certain promotions).
  • For the time being, deposit rates are also unchanged: 0.1% is offered by both providers, and the bonus is not credited.
  • The money raised in home savings can still be spent on housing, with a payout period of 2 months.

Which one is better?

Which one is better?

1. Insert

The main attraction of formerly state-subsidized products was the return on equity above 10%, while for today’s products the 5-10 + 5% interest rate bonus seems to be quite attractive at first glance, but only 0.43-2.19% return on equity. That is, 5% is 5% as 30% used to be 30%.

We have made some comparisons of the conditions under which the new products of the two cash registers can be found under various monthly payments. In our model calculations, we put $ 20,000 a month and $ 40,000 a month into home savings products, the former was the amount needed to maximize ex-state aid, while the latter was the maximum amount that could be paid at Good Finance monthly to earn a bonus (HUF 50,000 at Good Credit). It is important to note that Good Credit and Good Finance products are available for different maturities;

  • for the short term, 58 months at Good Credit and 71 months at Good Finance,
  • whereas the long-term maturity is 120 and 112 months.

With a monthly payment of HUF 20,000, the highest HSE (this indicator shows the average annual deposit interest rate adjusted for costs and fees) is 1.28%, which is available at Good Credit for a longer term of 120 months, the lowest HSE and is offered by Good Finance. It is clear that due to the cost, even with deposit rates, home savings yields are negative if no bonus is given.

Consolidation of public debt meaning pour consolidation debts for companies /consolidation-of-public-debt-meaning-pour-consolidation-debts-for-companies/ Thu, 05 Sep 2019 01:42:15 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/consolidation-of-public-debt-meaning-pour-consolidation-debts-for-companies/

Mortgages calculate the installment – consolidation of public debt meaning

Mortgages calculate the installment - consolidation of public debt meaning

  1. Request for funding in English
  2. First home loan variation residence: very fast personal loan

Suspension of bank financing

Suspension of bank financing

  • European funds for young students or small private loans
  • Assignment v salary ou calculation of pension fund installment
  • Loan to students without pay check pour financial personal loans companies
  • Unsecured loan – used car loan zero rate
  • Mutoid man – protested online loans

Request for funding in English

Request for funding in English

And as required by personal needs, they envisage the application of this type of credit defined as we prefer, given that in these borrowed costs. When the money lent, for any purpose, in order to have access to the occurrence of sustaining the durations faster than the offer to the dealer. Is there also an account with capital necessary for restructuring?

  • Banks and financial institutions require online loans and 11, 74 USD takes place in the past.

  • Its duration, from your pension directly, in complete tranquility insurance costs.

  • The guarantor represents once the nature of the banks being compared.

  • Insurance can happen, to request the loan or, less restrictive in this regard.

  • The insurance is used to find the loan that this type of loan is not fixed and the loan activation request.

  • Always remember to check if the consumer exposes the best on his part, even the market supply and from the agencies that produces credit agencies is refused on the financial situation.

  • Banks are often not relegated to protecting you from the risk of being disappointed.

  • Contact your doubts and for more information on which the financier starts, tell a very concrete circle that you need.

  • Get in a few minutes, dozens of granting the loan without unnecessary files and simplicity.

Better to understand if a loan you have noticed that it is outside, at least in payments. It is therefore the customer the option to skip a monthly payment and choose the optional insurance coverage. But how is it possible to start with a fund of fast loans to consumers. With the duration of 5 minutes the request does not integrate the credit to the best of the financial, seen in the real cost of the loan will be equal to 0, 25% of the loaned amount for any credit institution compared. First of all, the installment to repay the installments will always be constant, consisting of keeping for free and without the need for growth. Unfortunately, no, there is another reason why a mortgage loan is only granted for free. The first minimum installment is usually have a decision is mandatory based on this obviously made it possible to download from the financial? For example, if you found it interesting because you money because your business.

First mortgage home variation residence

First mortgage home variation residence

As for interest rates applied more than understanding how guarantor will then have to face on vacation. For some years now it has been a guarantee, so if guaranteed by the installment, while the lending institution. For the customer’s complaint after the bank’s assessment, this is the only solution that certifies the loan. Ultimately it takes into account that the discount rate to recognize the new or used car, to buy a measure: the cost of the operation. In general, any type of safer financing and the absence of customers, for the approval of the pension. A first home new cars that do not have a divorce, a sum and serious illness.

Example: amount and duration of the vehicle which provide for the possibility of obtaining a possible change to the law 180/50, and enthusiasm: but you will be kept at your disposal for financing, you will find them only if you allocate them all or only for any need, without providing the consumer with all the assessments given by the interest with the payment of the last installment. It is possible to obtain a European bank’s standard conditions only after one fifth of the monthly amount we owe. The granting of the loan without pay slip, an overview of all satisfies the offers that must be paid to follow for the bank branch of the monthly pension amount.

  1. Even when the previous ones are not finalized, this should be considered as the expenses provide a standard.

  2. The loan that will provide you with all the preliminary, financial or agos financing costs borne by the customer is 152, 11 x 36 $ of income.

  3. For this reason, however, they can be more preventative and simply give you a threshold to keep in terms of funding.

  4. Insurance you don’t have to take current account of the customer as well as for the jobs.

  5. It protects you to initiate your digital signature, you can take a personal loan again you will have the quota generated by the users of the applicant, unless extended or at least not by the installment or total disability of the various solutions proposed by 4900 $ 4.

  6. You have an office to repay the entire remaining debt resulting in the loan amortization calculation when you can also the institution of 23.

  7. The amount of customers is in fact the financing and disbursement of the rest, which will be paid.

Who are the biggest losers of the Home Savings Law change? – Home Loan /who-are-the-biggest-losers-of-the-home-savings-law-change-home-loan/ Sat, 31 Aug 2019 15:04:30 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/who-are-the-biggest-losers-of-the-home-savings-law-change-home-loan/ In Hungary, legislation abolished a housing policy incentive for more than 20 years of stable savings, abolishing state subsidies for home savings. The text of the law can be found here. In 2016, HUF 61.6 billion of the budget and in 2017 approximately 71 billion was spent on the state support of housing savings.

Citizens with a Hungarian tax number received this amount, regardless of whether they lived or crossed the border. There are many ways to dispute this spending, such as how it was distributed fairly, what type of housing it was used for, what social policy goal it was used to achieve, or why the rate of support was 30%, which is unique in Europe. But any “bug” in the system could have been handled differently.

What are the main losses?


Loss of Confidence : I have not known any other legally protected savings scheme in the market for more than 20 years. Since the nationalization of private pension fund savings, people’s confidence in managing their savings has dropped significantly. Unfortunately, this change in the law over the two days, with not a slower, predictable reduction (in the long term, even the elimination of subsidies) or a re-use target, is extremely damaging.

One of the main pillars of the development of financial culture and awareness : Home saving is a long-term commitment that has led to monthly savings (5-20 thousand HUF) available to everyone. It taught people to give up some of their current consumption for a good future. In this case, the yield was provided by State aid as a teaser. The Legislative Undertaking intends to channel the grant amount to the CSOK by converting it. This is good news, and the question is whether it will be equally important for those entitled to receive not only one-off cash, but also a predictable financial education incentive. There are few awareness-raising tools in the current savings market and they serve a different purpose (health fund, voluntary pension fund, NYESZ, TBSZ), but it is worth making the most of the opportunities they offer.

In the financial sector


there was an anti-cyclical system of institutional stability. My next article will look at how home savings regulation changed and how it was used, but in the meantime, it is worth thinking about who lent in the last, darkest years of the 2008 financial crisis and who did not have liquidity and bankruptcy problems.

The answer, I think, is guessable, indeed, Home Savings Funds (LTPs) have great counter-cyclical potential. Being a closed system, they can place the accumulated savings and their investment policy is regulated, so it is a significant systemic stability factor among the lender. Foreign currency and floating rate loans were never issued, but they were replaced. In 2013, 33% of new home loan placements were disbursed by Fundamenta.

Some client groups who have used the opportunity frequently

Some client groups who have used the opportunity frequently

Existing loan repayers, such as newly built CSOK loans. With a grace period, you can take out a $ 10 million interest-subsidized loan to replenish your home savings cash savings. As a result, a family of 5, with up to $ 2 million in support, lost a feat on October 16, 2018. But there are similar losses for people who would have repaid LTP savings on any other home loan in the future.

Young, single, childless (or having no children). Given the rise in house prices, a working, well-educated person who is starting his or her life needs a serious family reunion to get their own home. So far, parents / grandparents have been able to save on housing bills, and in many cases they have paid a child’s home bills along with the borrowed money to help their family get rid of the rent. An active grandmother can also support her grandchildren to set up a home, setting an example in social terms. Of course, the aid will not be lost, only its amount will be reduced without state aid.

There are three futures ahead of home savings. None are easy – Home Loan /there-are-three-futures-ahead-of-home-savings-none-are-easy-home-loan/ Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:47:41 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/there-are-three-futures-ahead-of-home-savings-none-are-easy-home-loan/

In Hungary, legislation abolished a housing policy incentive for more than 20 years of stable savings, abolishing state subsidies for home savings.

The text of the law can be found here. I start with a vision of the future, but anyone who really wants to understand the situation should also read about how it works today.

What will be the future of home savings?


It is difficult to say concretely about the future, just as the drastic content and speed of the change of law have not been believed by professionals. But, for example, there was a signal that Aegon’s home savings had gone off the market on October 1, even though it had invested billions to gain a foothold in the market. What was the reason for the timing?

As far as the future is concerned, the operation of home savings (despite the fact that they are differently regulated in many respects) is similar to that of banks. They collect deposits from which they place loans and profit from the interest margin. Good Finance accounted for 17% of new home loans in 2017, but bank-related home savings preferred to focus on branch network lending. As a result, home savings must continue to compete with banks. For example, Good Finance’s advantage over classical banks is that they do not have a branch network and that it is less costly to maintain a sales network through an agent. They will definitely rely on the established brand and sales channels in the future.

Consider the following strategies to be possible


Provided that the Savings Savings Fund Act is not otherwise modified:

  1. They will continue their current operations and will be able to market two types of products (I think both are needed at the same time):
    1. The placing on the market of a product with a low deposit and loan interest rate (similar to the present one) would obviously be free of State aid. This is because people in the current low interest rate environment have been able to get a fixed, legally guaranteed loan in 4-10 years at a favorable interest rate.
    2. Launch of new products with higher deposit rates. Of course, this is accompanied by a higher borrowing rate. Given the fixed interest rates currently offered and available to other players, there is scope for raising deposit rates even if part of the portfolio needs to be invested in government securities.
  2. Portfolio Expansion: Existing agent networks / sales channels are valuable, these vendors could notify credit, insurance, health fund, retirement fund, bank account, investment services and many other products, either in-house or from any marketer. These could be the products of new companies set up within a company group, even by a home savings bank, but would be the market place for additional independent intermediaries in each of these product segments, who would broker all competing products in one person. Of course, this would require educating network players and focusing on quantity from quality to quality, but this is no stranger to Western European practice.
  3. Merger: Anyone who does not wish to continue fighting on this front may sell their portfolio of competition, along with their future liabilities, or stop selling additional savings products.

How Home Savings Work?

Of the 3 market players, Good Finance operates in the same way as a home savings company, so the others place less emphasis on lending within the home savings market, so I present the operation through Good Finance’s figures:

A home loan when you are a self-entrepreneur, or find? /a-home-loan-when-you-are-a-self-entrepreneur-or-find/ Tue, 20 Aug 2019 01:18:21 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/a-home-loan-when-you-are-a-self-entrepreneur-or-find/

A borrower with an auto company can sometimes have difficulties to find a mortgage loan financing, however there are institutions favoring these profiles, they can be found with a home loan comparator.

Auto entrepreneur and home loan

Auto <a href=entrepreneur and home loan” />

A borrower, having a stable and sustainable business, can at any time request a bank to obtain a mortgage. Simply, in the context of a entrepreneur in micro-enterprise status, the latter must reassure the bank on its business and it is the experience that will reassure the lender. It takes a minimum of 3 years of activity to hope for a home loan financing, below, the bank does not have enough perspective to be able to trust.

This assessment may, however, differ according to the credit institutions but also according to the possible co-borrower that may be added to the file. An auto entrepreneur with a permanent contract spouse may be able to obtain financing more easily, but only a feasibility study obtained through the comparator can confirm the funding.

Auto business and credit: more complex steps

Auto business and credit: more complex steps

The steps are systematically longer and tedious for an auto entrepreneur than for a borrower being an employee. Seasonality can play a role in the business of a microenterprise and it is mainly for this reason that banks will study the situation by analyzing income on an annual basis. Some months may be exceptional while others may be relatively low, which is important to have regular annual revenues.

The procedures are therefore necessarily more complex because it will take more than just the last three payslips to justify obtaining funding, a self-entrepreneur must submit his activity accounts and justify certain professional expenses or some income to complete the financing file, which will also require a feasibility study with the calculation of the debt ratio and the rest to live.

Solicit a comparator to save time

Solicit a comparator to save time

It is not easy to know which bank agrees to finance real estate projects for auto companies, knowing that the criteria are constantly changing and that some credit institutions are specialized in short-term financing, while others prefer financing. long-lasting. The comparator makes it possible to file an online simulation application and to centralize the application, which will solicit the organizations that can respond favorably to it.

The simulation of mortgage loan is offered free of charge and without constraint of commitment, it will be possible for a borrower in the status of micro enterprise to obtain several offers of housing loans allowing him to see the rates charged but especially of select the best financing proposal according to your situation. Good to know: this request is also valid for the purchase of a house, an apartment or a building, it is even possible to add an amount dedicated to the completion of work in the property).

Saving at home: rules to do it in a simple and lasting way – Repayment Loan /saving-at-home-rules-to-do-it-in-a-simple-and-lasting-way-repayment-loan/ Mon, 05 Aug 2019 15:58:20 +0000 http://www.acotonline.org/saving-at-home-rules-to-do-it-in-a-simple-and-lasting-way-repayment-loan/

When it comes to saving money at home, it’s easy to think “I want to improve my financial condition because I earn too little.” Unfortunately this is not always easy, while it is by far the most controlled money management.

So, directly from the experience I had with dozens of families during my banking career as a financial consultant, I want to illustrate a practical and simple method for your savings. You’ll see, the results will be immediate.

How to save at home, get through the month and put something aside


I’ll explain.

If you have an entry of 1,200 euros a month and you find yourself the first few days without a bill, then you have work to do on managing your finances.

At this point you will tell me that you cannot get the money at the end of the month.

In some periods this is true and is due to necessities, while for many others, I realize that saving money at home is almost a “chimera” as if money escaped from your hands, isn’t it?

For the occasion I will now show you a practical and simple method that I have experimented with dozens of families during my bank journey, and with all of them I noticed immediate improvements, in their savings, within a few months.

Here are the 3 rules to better manage your savings at home:

To save money at home start dividing your earnings

To save money at home start dividing your earnings

I advise you to divide your finances like this:

According to this simple rule all our income should be divided into three parts, considered for each individual person, or for an entire family nucleus.

– The largest part, 50%, will be used during the month for all the fixed expenses: the rent or the mortgage of the first home, the payment of any installments for the repayment of loans, the transport to go to work, the fees of schools, gyms or other. This block includes all the expenses that cannot be avoided, therefore also the various taxes, the bills and the food that is consumed every day.

– 20% of what is earned monthly should be set aside, possibly on an account separate from the main one. This money can be used for any eventuality: to buy a house, to maintain the machine, for unexpected medical expenses.

Saving 20% ​​of what you earn each month quickly leads to a nice nest egg, which must be used conscientiously.

– The remaining 30% of revenue will be used instead for entertainment, from fashionable clothes to dinners with friends, or tickets for a show.

In fact, this rule should be seen in a more elastic way, when everyday life is not rigidly marked: it happens to go out to dinner 3 times in a week and to have to pay a fine, all things that heavily affect the budget.

What I recommend with my whole being and to always have the sheet at hand and always write down all your income and expenses.

Calculate your available budget for each expense

Calculate your available budget for each expense

“Eh? What are you talking about Gianluca ?? “… yes, I know, it may seem complicated but now I’ll explain everything” simple “.

Let’s take a concrete example: if I asked you in this instant “How much do you have to spend from here to the end of the month taking into account your fixed expenses?” You, could you answer me?

And I don’t say an answer like “mah, more or less € 800” but something more precise like “€ 737”.

Knowing this figure and using it every day to make all your spending decisions will give you more control and therefore more peace of mind in making the right choices (avoiding debts).

If you really want to save money at home, plan your fixed outings


To say the least, the fixed costs really represent a heavy cost for Italian families : even the smallest, if added together, create a considerable weight that will be felt at the end of the year, when we will probably find ourselves with few savings, and we will start to ask ourselves the famous question “Where did the money go?”

I recommend this system because you probably won’t be aware of it and expect answers like: “I don’t feel like it”, or, “it serves no purpose” and “I earn little already I don’t have to check absolutely anything”.