BroadwayWorld and ATX Theater announce new partnership


BroadwayWorld and ATX Theater are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring single-source show listings to the ATX Theater website. In the new partnership, BroadwayWorld has provided an embeddable version of the Austin Regional Events Calendar for the ATX Theater website, ensuring that Austin Theater patrons never miss an upcoming show.

“We are excited about the potential of this partnership,” said Alex Freeman, regional sales manager for BroadwayWorld. “It is one of our goals as a company to continue to find new ways to serve regional theaters and the organizations that support them. “

ATX Theater, a new nonprofit arts services organization, is on a mission to make theater more accessible in the Texas capital. “Due to the noise of a vibrant nightlife here, most Austinites have never even heard that their city is home to 85 theater companies!” says Sharron Anderson, who is trying to change that by running “Our wide range of affiliates – each with a distinct purpose, preferences and personality – agreed that the cornerstone of our site should be a strong, free and easy-to-find list that includes all of the city’s productions,” Anderson said. “But to work, the referral mechanism had to be backed by turnkey technology that could be updated with responsive support,” she added. . “

BroadwayWorld and ATX Theater announce new partnership

With BroadwayWorld’s commitment to regional theatrical coverage, the Events Calendar Widget is a perfect bridge between the two to keep the theater community and its fans informed, involved, and with shows on their schedule. The Event Widget is the first such partnership between BroadwayWorld and a regional arts institution. Other regions wishing to explore a unified timeline should contact Alex Freeman at BroadwayWorld ( to discuss options in detail.


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