Best TikToks for Music, Drama, Comedy and more


If you thought TikTok was where your 12-year-old nephew flosses, well, you’d be right. But there is more ! Much more.

These days, enterprising TikTokers have millions of fans, create albums, rating agents, get TV shows, and compose online musicals that make $ 2 million. The application is a pool of talent.

Check out these 10 TikToks to attend the stars of tomorrow.

Lubalin, 30, experimental musician

@lubalin, 2.2 million subscribers

Lubalin, 30, is an experimental musician.
Denise Audette

After releasing an eponymous experimental EP last September, the Montreal artist – who just released a new single, “long txts”, with electro echoes from The Weeknd – became a viral sensation when he took screen of random Facebook exchanges involving baby boomers and turned them into dramatic musical readings.

Must-see video: The second video in his “Internet Drama” series, which has racked up some 31 million views, shows Lubalin making a song from a Facebook chat about an allegedly stolen broccoli casserole recipe. As the moody music plays, he performs different characters with a shower cap and curlers. -Arnold

Baby Storme, 20, singer

@babystorme, 422,600 followers

Baby Storme, 20, is a singer.
Baby Storme, 20, is a singer.
Terrhon Vaughn

The native of Yonkers – real name Janice Mofus – built her TikTok sequel with original alt-R & B tunes, such as “Mixed Feelings” and the new single “Jackson”, which made her become “the black Billie Eilish.” As for how she came up with her stage name, she said, ‘My hair, for the most part, is silver so people compared me to the superhero Storm. And then my personality is so crazy like a mini storm, a baby storm. ”

Must-see video: Speaking of Eilish, Baby Storme racked up 1.3 million views when she emulated the “Bad Guy” singer in her “Lovely” duet with Khalid. -Arnold

JVKE, 19, singer

@jvke, 4 million subscribers

JVKE, 19, is a singer.
JVKE, 19, is a singer.

His catchy track “Upside Down” has become one of the most used sounds on TikTok, with over 15 million videos created and over 7 billion played. The song went so viral that TikTok used it for their global TV commercial.

Must-see video: JVKE – born Jake Lawson in Murrysville, Pa. – asked Charlie Puth to jump on a remix of “Upside Down” and the two let TikTok join in the fun of the collaboration. Now JVKE has teamed up with electronic duo Galantis on the new single “Dandelion”. -Arnold

Upsahl, 22, singer

@upsahlmusic, 512,500 followers

Upsahl, 22, is a singer.
Upsahl, 22, is a singer.

The Phoenix-based, Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist saw her 2-year-old single “Drugs” get a big boost when a TikTok influencer used it for a video. “Overnight it kinda jumped out,” said the singer, whose full name is Taylor Upsahl. “I really don’t know how it happened. I’m just super happy and lucky because this song has always been kind of like my favorite song. So the fact that he got a second life is really, really cool. Indeed, a new remix of “Drugs”, starring singer-rapper Blackbear, has just been released.

Must-see video: Among the 2 million videos with “Drugs” there are clips with TikTok star Alex French and Jason Derulo. “When Jason Derulo did it, it was pretty sick,” Upsahl said. “It was like, ‘Oh shit, this song actually has a moment on TikTok!’ “-Arnold

Boman Martinez-Reid, 23, actor

@Bomanizer, 1.4 million subscribers

Boman Martinez-Reid, 23, is a comedian.
Boman Martinez-Reid, 23, is a comedian.

It’s amazing that Bravo hasn’t hired Martinez-Reid yet. His perfect skits skewer iconic reality TV shows like “The Real Housewives”, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Chopped” in the best way. He takes inspiration from the madness and tropes of the series to create hysterical minute-long clips filled with drama that rival the full episodes they are based on. But there is no disrespect, his shadow is a labor of love. Attention to detail, special effects, and side characters (her best friend Eden, sister Alyssa, and mother) make viewing TikTok worthy of a Martinez-Reid frenzy.

Must watch video: After his best friend Eden insults him and calls him a fake, Boman retaliates by tearing his head off, naturally. “The Real Housewives of New York City” Aviva Drescher might learn a thing or two from her layered childbirth. – Dellatto

Tefi Pessoa, 30, pop culture expert

@HelloTefi, 376,800 followers

Tefi Pessoa, 30, is a pop culture expert.
Tefi Pessoa, 30, is a pop culture expert.

Do you remember when Tila Tequila and Meghan McCain were best friends? Did you know Nick Cannon named his daughter Powerful Queen Cannon? I did, because I watch Pessoa videos. YouTuber turned TikToker mixes wacky humor with tabloid drama and a hint of Y2K nostalgia. Try to keep a straight face as she gasps when ex Britney Spears gets caught in the Capitol seat. Her trademark acrylic nails and wild posturing complete her silly vibe. This is what “TMZ Live” wishes it could be.

Must-see video: Like all of us, Pessoa blocked the time that Tom Cruise and Cher came out of his head. “I’ll never know peace knowing that Tom Cruise and Cher were together, and Tom Cruise broke her heart,” she spits. “Tom Cruise broke Cher’s heart. Tom Cruise. Give this monologue an Emmy and an Oscar. – Dellatto

Devon Rodriguez, 24, artist

@devonrodriguezart, 10.5 million subscribers

Devon Rodriguez, 24, is an artist.
Devon Rodriguez, 24, is an artist.
Stefano Giovannini

“I always wanted to be a famous artist,” Rodriguez, a Bronx-born and Reformed graffiti artist told The Post. “After being arrested at 13 for graffiti, I knew I couldn’t be famous and go to jail, so I changed that.” Now he takes the metro – usually the J or 6 train – and draws photo-realistic portraits of his fellow travelers in a sketchbook.

He racked up millions of views for what he calls his “Subway Pandemic Series”, ultimately giving in to requests from followers to surprise his subjects with the actual drawing. Runners hoping to score an original should watch out for Rodriguez on the go.

“I just bought a portable easel,” he said. “So, I hope to do a real painting of a passenger in the subway soon. ”

Must-see video: A combination of reactions from unpretentious guys who are shocked and flattered when Rodriquez presents them with his weird illustrations. – Weiss

André Savoia, 24 years old, cellist

@savoiboi, 212,800 followers

Andrew Savoia, 24, is a cellist.
Andrew Savoia, 24, is a cellist.
Melissa Durham / @ oceanandridge

If you’ve performed to the classic pop tunes of Netflix’s “Bridgerton”, say “Cello!” to André Savoia. The charismatic musician from Arlington, Va. Mixes his refined sound with modern hits – Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” and Toto’s “Africa” ​​(OK, most of the TikTok generation don’t. may not know him). Dapper Savoia, who works as a medical scribe, launched his videos this summer as a pandemic hobby and often performs in front of scenic Washington, DC backdrops. “I think music has a way of bringing people together,” he told Arlington Magazine. “And it’s inspiring to see people come together, even though we’re apart right now.”

Must-see video: Savoia takes all of singer Harry Styles’ eccentric swagger and channels it into a cello for his cover of the song “Adore You”, which he plays under a beautiful tree. – Oleksinski

RJ Christian, 21, composer

@rjthecomposer, 24,000 subscribers

RJ Christian, 21, is a composer.
RJ Christian, 21, is a composer.
Courtesy of RJ Christian

Is TikTok the Future of Broadway? Who knows? But it’s definitely the present – since that’s about all we have. While the brick and mortar theaters are closed, the biggest show to debut in recent months was “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical”. The production that raised $ 2 million for the Actors Fund featured 60-second songs by several composers, including talented NYU student RJ Christian. His fun and clever TikTok has a bit of everything: original songs, covers, jokes, and musical theater shots. In addition to his songwriting skills, the guy also has a rich baritone.

Must-see video: On the day that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby” entered the public domain – meaning anyone can adapt it for free – Christian released an original song inspired by Jay Gatsby extending his arms to the far. “I reach out for the green light / I row to shore / I reach out to the island of life we ​​used to live.” Smart, intelligent. – Oleksinski

Estefania Saavedra, actor

@estefisaavy, 961,800 followers

Estefania Saavedra, is an actress.
Estefania Saavedra, is an actress.

TikTok was made for comics like Estefania Saavedra, who has a face of a million expressions. Originally from Ecuador, the Houston, Texas resident performs wacky and extreme scenes, hilarious songs and dances, and transforms into a cast of characters by simply moving a facial muscle or drawing on a mustache (she is also a makeup artist). Look no further for stupidity.

Must-see video: Late last year Saavedra received a shipment of little needles – don’t dial 911, they’re plastic – and she’s done just about anything you can imagine with the accessory. Dances, angry British baby voiceovers and toothpaste demonstrations, all with super creepy tiny hands. – Oleksinski


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