Austin movie theaters are giving away $3 movie tickets on National Movie Day

In an effort perhaps to bolster declining box office numbers, theaters in Austin and across the country will be offering tickets to all showings on Saturday, Sept. 3 for just $3 per person as part of national cinema day.

Participating chains in and around Austin include Alamo Drafthouse, Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Cinemarkand more.

As a bonus, AMC is offering its drink and popcorn combo for $5; Cinemark offers small popcorn, medium fountain drinks, and ICEEs, as well as candies of all sizes for $3 each; Check with your favorite theater for options.

While Labor Day weekend surprisingly doesn’t feature any new big movies, the most important is Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. with Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall – it will see the return of the biggest film of the past year, Spider-Man: No Coming Homethis time with “More fun stuff.” Top Gun: Maverick is also still in theaters after three months, and it’s on its way to surpassing $700 million.

Despite the dazzling success of Top Gun: Maverick and a handful of other movies that topped $300 million, this summer hasn’t been good for box office movies. Trending movies like Light year and Nope barely passed the $100 million mark, and the weekend of August 26-28 was the most profitable since the end of Januarywhile bad movies are traditionally dumped in theaters.

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