Aladdin brings a whole new world to Austin’s Bass Concert Hall


At one point, we’ve all wished for something we know we can’t have. It’s human nature. But sometimes it’s just the possibility of these wishes coming true that propels us forward. Desiring something different, something better, is one of the many themes explored in Disney’s Tony Award-winning musical. Aladdin.

Adapted from the old The thousand and One Nights, upon which the classic 1992 animated film is based, this stunning production arrives at Bass Concert Hall from March 11-22. The dazzling production promises to transport audiences to the Middle East where a wise orphan charms a princess and helps save a kingdom.

“What makes this story such a time-honored story is that everyone wants to know that anything is possible, if you find it in yourself. You don’t need a lamp or a genie. You just have to believe in yourself and get the job done, ”says Korie Lee Blossey, who plays Genie on the North American tour.

In the role made famous by Robin Williams in the Disney movie, Blossey says there are so many wonderful things to play in Genie – including having the license to make it his own. “Our director and choreographer, Casey Nicholaw, has created a way for each Genie to customize the character to suit our strengths, which helps us shine a little bit more.”

Genie helps Aladdin find his true potential after granting him three wishes. Aladdin uses his wishes to get closer to Princess Jasmine (after passing her in a market, she in disguise) and to protect the city of Agrabah from the Sultan’s most trusted city councilor, Jafar, who wants to overthrow the Sultan.

The show is a complete show with sparkling, colorful costumes, gorgeous backdrops and amazing effects including a magic carpet ride. Its themes explore friendship, loyalty, integrity, determination, love, and good versus evil. Fans of the film will be happy to know that the production’s sheet music includes the five cherished songs from the Oscar-winning soundtrack, including “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World”.

“It’s a phenomenal spectacle,” says Blossey. “Come to Agrabah, let yourself be carried away by the real world and escape reality for two and a half hours. You will be glad you did.”

Tickets for AladdinThe two-week Austin run starts at $ 30 and is available on Aladdin is the penultimate show of this season Broadway in Austin. The 2020-21 season was recently revealed and includes Bad and Kill a mockingbird.


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