Admit it, you’ll probably catch COVID-19 in Lubbock

That’s probably not the message you want to hear, but it’s the one being sent now by Dr. Fauci and other government officials, like the acting FDA commissioner who said this week, “the most people will get COVID.”

At some point this afternoon, the City of Lubbock will announce new COVID-19 numbers for the City of Lubbock. Most likely, the number of positive cases will be high and there will be some on Facebook calling for a shutdown or blaming people for not wearing masks.

We’ve all seen the news this week that COVID-19 is spreading through schools and some school districts in Texas are suspending classes until they can find enough teachers and substitutes to hold classes. Even some colleges are asking classes to go virtual in Texas and the United States.

Yes, COVID-19 seems to be everywhere as we are halfway through the first month. The Biden administration’s response? We will send tests by mail! Thanks I guess.

The truth seems to be this, according to government officials: you are likely to catch COVID-19. It may not be today. It may not be next week. But you probably will. Or maybe you’ve done it before and had no idea. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get sick. It doesn’t mean you’ll end up in the hospital. And that really doesn’t mean you’re going to die.

It’s not just me telling you. The world’s most famous doctor thinks so. Whether you like Dr. Fauci or not, his message is simple: “Almost everyone” will be infected at some point with omicron. At least that’s what Dr. Fauci had to say earlier this week.

From the Hill:

“Omicron, with its extraordinary and unprecedented degree of transmissibility efficiency, will eventually find just about everyone,” Fauci told the Center for Strategic and International Studies during a “fireside chat.”

“Those who have been vaccinated and vaccinated and boosted would be exposed. Some, possibly many of them, will be infected but most likely, with a few exceptions, will do reasonably well in the sense of having no hospitalizations and no deaths,” he added.

This may worry many people. But the good news is that omicron is less severe than the delta variant, according to Axios and the CDC:

The study also showed that Omicron infections were also associated with a 74% reduced risk of going to intensive care, as well as a 53% reduced risk of being hospitalized, Rochelle Walensky said.

In the study, there was also a 91% reduction in the risk of death, and 90% of those who had to go to hospital were discharged in three days or less.

Yes, over the next two weeks we will likely see an increase in reporting on COVID-19 and we may even see numbers continue to rise. Will Dr. Fauci be right and do most people get COVID-19? That remains to be seen, but know that it is possible. And also know that just because you might catch COVID-19 doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence or that you’ll be hospitalized or even get sick.

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