7 businesses now open or to come in Pflugerville and Hutto


New businesses continue to open in Hutto and Pflugerville, including new restaurants, health care clinics and cafes. The following list details a few businesses now open or planned in the region.

A new Kebab shop location opened September 7 at 18616 Limestone Commercial Drive, Ste. 300, Pflugerville. The restaurant menu of Mediterranean cuisine includes kebabs; Falafel; wraps; and cut chicken, lamb and beef. The Pflugerville location is The Kebab Shop’s 23rd location and the fourth in the Austin area. 512-900-2560. www.thekebabshop.com

Men’s health care facility Center T low opened October 2 at its new location at 1509 Town Center Drive, Pflugerville. The clinic offers a variety of treatment options for patients with low testosterone, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and more. 512-250-9202. www.lowtcenter.com

Restaurant chain 54th Street Restaurant and Raffle House, located at 19109 Limestone Commercial Drive, Pflugerville, is scheduled to open in January. Representatives for the restaurant had previously said the location will open in late 2021 or early 2022, but company information now specifies an opening in January. The menu at 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse features over 150 dishes, including artisan burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and Southern comfort food including fried steaks, ribs and jambalaya. www.54thstreetgrill.com

A new ATI physical therapy clinic open at 5004 Gattis School Road, Ste. 220, Hutto, in August. With more than 900 clinics nationwide, ATI Physical Therapy specializes in research-based physiotherapy and sports medicine. ATI staff aim to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient in a friendly and supportive environment. 512-813-2087. www.atipt.com

A new Dutch brothers coffee The Austin area location opened at 90 Chris Kelley Blvd., Hutto on September 29. The drive-through chain of cafes, which also has a location in Round Rock, serves hot and iced coffee specialties as well as tea, lemonade, smoothies and energy drinks. 541-955-4700. www.dutchbros.com

Mario’s Mexican Restaurant reopened on October 4 after it closed in March to repair damage from winter storm Uri. Located at 209 East St., Hutto, Mario’s has been serving Tex-Mex and barbecue grills to Hutto residents since 2004. Mario’s offers in-place, take-out and food services. 512-846-1778

A second central Texas Meraki Salon Studios The location will open at 531 Ed Schmidt Blvd., Ste. 160, Hutto, beginning of January 2022. The site will contain 18 high-end, ready-to-move-in studios available for rent to licensed beauty professionals. These studios are designed for beauty professionals who prefer to work with their clients in a quiet and private space. 512-710-0299.



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