10 best movies Kevin Nash appeared in, ranked (according to Rotten Tomatoes)


Kevin nash triumphantly entered the film industry in the 1990s playing Super Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze. His work has grown over the decades from his origins in WCW and WWE – including everything from a Marvel franchise to video game adaptations, original horror, comedies and thoughts on the personal angst of being a male stripper.

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He even has an appearance in Keanu Reeves’ ultra-popular action-noir vehicle. John wick, which is not noted here (due to its brief appearance). Through his many roles, Nash has shown that a wrestler does not need to be limited to a specific genre or be categorized. Would it be shocking for Nash to win an Oscar before Dwayne Johnson? Probably. Here are Nash’s ten highest-rated films by audiences from Rotten tomatoes.

ten River of Darkness (2011) 9%


Kurt Angle in a lead role with Sid Eudy, plus Kevin Nash playing river zombies and a supernatural henchman covered in mud, with vibes from John Carpenter’s “The Fog” River of Darkness is a budget-friendly, cheesy, dark, small-town Americana affair. Angle is the sheriff on the case, uncovering the truth and the city’s long-hidden past.

Nash plays Jayden Jacobs and barely utters a word in the film, with Eudy in tow as part of a trio of ax-dropping villains. This was done when Angle and Nash were both in TNA. WCW’s Glacier even appears too. The film never really goes out of gear. Deservedly the worst movie on the list. In the end, Angle himself had a significant film career.

9 Monster Fight (2011) 16%

Monster Fight Kevin Nash

Eight legendary monsters are summoned to the ring to fight in a graveyard in this horror comedy. Think WCW Halloween havoc on steroids. Nash plays “Zombie Man” manager, “Colonel Crookshanks”. Although not Yetaaaa! (Schiavonism) unfortunately there is a mummy and a commentary by Art Hindle with Mortal combat voiceover moments.

Jimmy Hart is also in the cast, and he is narrated by the legendary Lance Henrikson. Each match is introduced by an interesting backstory. The budget was only C $ 200,000, but the movie looks fantastic. As pure “wrestling comedy entertainment” and an alternative to an empty PPV weekend, you could actually do a lot worse.


8 Chick Fight (2020) 19%


Chick fight has Malin Akerman and Bella Thorne, looking like a feminine mix of Cobra Kai and Neo from The Matrix as the main antagonist. Next, Dulce Sloan as Comedic Relief and Alec Baldwin as Aging Coach, among others. This female-focused MMA comedy looks promising in the initial trailer, as the ladies enter their own personal “fight club.”

Nash plays Akerman’s single dad for a comedic effect that sporadically shows up to give advice and advance internal family intrigues and the laughs arrive. Surprisingly, he doesn’t get very involved in the “Ladies Octagon”. It only grossed $ 77,000 at the box office, possibly due to the pandemic. It’s a bit underrated, because he’s got a heart, mixed with some empowerment of women.

seven Most recent engagement (2012) 38%


It was a comedy straight to DVD after a limited theatrical release to no avail for “Animal House” then “American Pie” crossed with “Three Men and a Baby”. Nash isn’t even in the main trailer but on the poster. It chronicles the Omega Brotherhood and their wild ways, with the addition of a new infantile pledge for hysterics.

Nash plays Merkhaus’ father and it was hard enough to find him to watch him across the Atlantic. If you’re lucky enough to be in the United States, it’s on Amazon Prime. Hijinks ensue with the young college recruit who was left at their doorstep bleeding the fraternity’s finances, and the mystery of her parentage fills the gripping conclusion.

6 DOA Dead or Alive (2006) 38%


It’s easily one of the best video game adaptations out there in terms of capturing the “dead-on” game aesthetic in all of its glorified cheesy. The film primarily stars three female fighters, including Australian Holly Valance, and ever-reliable villain Eric Roberts, in a near-best-career performance as tournament organizer Victor Donovan, along with many other characters from the games. Team Ninja.

Nash plays Bass Armstrong, the overprotective father of Tina (Jamie Pressley) and the oddly familiar famous professional wrestler. The film was shot on location in Gulin and Hong Kong with many kinetic fight scenes. Only a box office of $ 7.7 million against a budget of $ 30 million, meant it was a bomb. It was more of a guilty pleasure on DVD.

5 The Manor (2018) 40%


Another horror foray for Nash and the front-cover star, as this recent creepy psychological flick takes place with Christiana Robinson and Rachel True then directed by Jonathan Schemerhorn. Not to be confused with 2021 Blumhouse movie, it all revolves around a return to “The Manor” title and disturbing family secrets with Nash as Reverend Thomas.

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Channeling some of his old wrestling gadgets like Oz Diesel, Diamond Stud is all in one with a bit of The Boogeyman, Papa Shango, and the Dungeon of Doom mixed in.

4 Magic Mike XXL (2015) 55%


Nash returned for the Magic mike sequel that delves into the world of male striptease. It’s a slower affair, more introspective and a bit more of an ensemble film. Nash plays Tarzan, an aging artist and one of Tatum’s band members. Probably not as pleasant as the first one, as it’s like a winding road trip gone wrong.

Nash kicks off the film with a bang with a phone call that moves the story forward, with a few key scenes and more development for his character. He made $ 122 million against a budget of $ 15 million, so it was pretty successful for the studio.

3 Magic Mike (2012) 60%


It was one of Nash’s more serious acting roles despite the concept, in the Steven Soderbergh-directed film starring Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Cody Horn and Olivia Munn. It was actually loosely based on Tatum’s youth, but the story is constructed in a fictional way.

The film was a huge critical success earning $ 167 million from just a budget of $ 7 million. Nash really got to mingle with high caliber actors to hone his craft and work with a great director. The film is more of a love story between Tatum’s character and his girlfriend, with the industry as a backdrop. The film might surprise you.

2 Longest yard (2005) 62%

Kevin-Nash-the longest yard

Nash was involved in this mid-2000s jail sports comedy and “Adam Sandler’s Vehicle”. It’s a remake of The longest yard from the 1970s. The cast included is excellent, with everyone from James Cromwell to Courtney Cox, Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds and William Fichtner making appearances.

Many other familiar faces closer to home were involved, from Bill Goldberg to NJPW and MMA star Bob Sapp. Steve Austin was a prison warden with Nash as Englehart. The Grand Khali also makes an appearance. The film grossed a total of $ 158 million at the box office against a hefty budget of $ 90 million.

1 The Punisher (2004) 63%


This was the second adaptation of the punisher franchise, after the Dolph Lundgren vehicle of the late 1980s. Starring Thomas Jane as the anti-hero vigilante, it’s a hidden gem that has gotten better with age. The film arrived before Marvel Cinematic Universe began, with an adult approach, with John Travolta adding another memorable villain to his collection.

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Nash’s role was that of “Russian” and the filmmakers needed a tall actor to pull off this look. He finds himself entangled with Jane’s character, Frank Castle, in a stunning fight streak. The film performed well with a total of $ 54 million against a budget of $ 33 million, and there were rumors of a sequel before it was rebooted as the Punisher: War Zone.

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